The Guide to Help You Stop Wondering About Candytopia Exhibit

Candytopia Santa Monica Place, all Pictures with rights by Peter Hsieh

Wonder no more about Candytopia, you’ll be immersed with sugary goodness all around this place

Candytopia, the newest LA pop-up with an interactive candy-themed experience, has just announced an extension at their shop in Santa Monica Place through July 22nd.  Tickets for the extended dates will go on sales staring this Friday, June 15th at 10am.  Aren’t I a Lifesaver to your kid’s activities?

If ever wondered what this place is like, below is my dessertation on what you can experience here.

Prior to entering: Once you’ve entered the first set of doors, you’ll need to generate a QR code with the iPAD by entering your email and phone number. Pro-tip: recommend doing this immediately as reception is spotty once inside building.  This QR code grants you access to free pictures taken by the overhead camera that will be eventually emailed to you. Be on the lookout for these photo opportunities at the candy tunnel next to the floating clouds, the Trolli spinner, and the marshmallow pit.

Candytopia Santa Monica Place, all Pictures with rights by Peter Hsieh

Each candy decor has a card adjascent with total candy count, total calories count, and the amount of sugars it contain.

Once Entered: You’ll have plenty  of photo opportunities that are Instagram worthy. Pictures from the adorned Willy Wonka to the late singer Prince and more surprises are all artfully placed in the hall exhibit.  The organizers do not recommend you to go backwards once inside the next showcase.

Grab Candy Along The Way: Candytopia cannot be called Candytopia if it didn’t offer candy right?  Keep an eye out on small treasure chests of candy along the way. We’ve received pixie sticks, chewy taffy, heart shaped candy wristbands, and trolli’s sour brite crawlers.  Near the end of the exhibit, all patrons are granted one Nestle Crunch Dark, the 100% dark chocolate offered during the pop-up’s installation.

Pictures Pictures Pictures: There are a lot of nook and crannies to this 16,000 sq. foot exhibit. Make sure you see them all by walking around and behind each piece. The wait is minimal with your time slot group and make sure to get your favorite shot.

Candytopia Santa Monica Place, all Pictures with rights by Peter Hsieh

I scream, you scream, this Scream is not made of ice cream.

Conclusion: I purposely left out some details so you can enjoy and experience the surprises on your own. I do want to let you know there are 2 levels to this exhibit and we were here about an hour with most of the time spent in the marshmallow pit. The retail shop towards the end has some bulk candy as well as candy not seen in some shops.  I do like the fact, you’re given a time slot so it doesn’t become an over-bearing wait for you and others.  Follow it, and it’ll be a great experience.  Personal opinion, this exhibit provides sights and photo opportunities. Like a combination of Museum of Failure + Museum of Ice Cream all tootsie rolled into one.

Ticketing: Do come here 15 minutes before your printed time slot as mentioned on their website. You’ll need those few minutes to enter your info to generate the QR code as aforementioned and take in all the sights and senses for the introduction.  Don’t worry, tickets are less than 100 Grand, and you don’t need a Payday to enjoy. Skor tickets via their website so you won’t have to hear anymore of my candy puns.


Santa Monica Place Mall -395 Broadway #142 Santa Monica, CA 90401. Located on the 2nd level near Bloomingdales.

Parking: Free first 90 minutes. $1.25 for the next hour and $1.85 for each additional 30 minutes. $17.50 maximum daily on structure 7 & 8.

TICKETSTickets for Candytopia are $30 each for adults, $23 for children ages 4-12, and free for children age 3 and under, and are available online at and via iPads located at the Santa Monica Place Concierge near the exhibit entrance on Level 2.

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10AM to 8:30PM and Sunday: 11AM to 8:30PM

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