Why Reveri’s Plant Based Dessert is Turnings Heads As One of the Healthiest Treats


Reveri-Plant Based Ice Cream

Reveri-Plant Based Ice Cream at Expowest 2018

Upon this year’s visit to the Natural Product Expo, I came on a mission.  To find the FAVORITE product fit for the whole family.  For those of you who’s never heard of this expo, it is synonymous with words like “Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free” stamped on the package of almost every product.   With tens of thousands of healthy and sensible items at the expo, it can be difficult to find that one product you come to LOVE.  Fortunately for you, I’ve combed through the exhibit halls and found one of the best product from the expo: Reveri’s Frozen Desserts.

Reveri (Pronounced Rev-erie) to mean, “Dream”, is that of the brain child of Karen Wadell. A Chef and a Restaurateur, Wadell has several successful restaurants from Bali for over twenty years.  In the past couple years, Wadell came back to the US and instead of opening more restaurants, she focused on a premium and versatile product like ice cream but without all that sugar. You can eat these 70-90 calorie desserts without the guilt, or spice up your breakfast game and serve it with pancakes. What sets Reveri apart from other plant-based treats is all about the taste and without the use of any sugars, not even Stevia nor monkfruit sweeteners.  A product not only kid friendly, but diabetic friendly as well.


Average of 82 calories per serving

Current flavors for sale and distribution include Strawberry Patch and Chocolate Forest. New upcoming flavors include Vanilla Almond Blossom (Tastes like toasted almonds, my favorite!) and Purple Mint Chip.  All flavors have NO sugar added and “crafted with whole fruits.”  Only natural and quality ingredients are used, such as Belgium cocoa for taste and dates for sweetness on every pint of their Chocolate Forest flavor.

Reveri’s products are called frozen dessert instead of ice cream because it’s dairy-free, no lactose or dairy fat.  No animal products are in the ingredients so it’s Vegan-free.  Also Reveri doesn’t replace dairy fat with processed fats and instead focuses on healthy fats like avocado, cocoa, and cashew as part of the simple ingredients. Personally, I’ve tasted all of the flavors they offered can say it’s one of the best products at the expo.  It’s amazing how natural sweet Reveri’s desserts without sugar.  As a parent, I always look for the best tasting products that our kids would eat and enjoy Reveri’s treats fit the bill.

Only the freshest and the best ingredients goes into every pint of Reveri’s plant based frozen dessert. Price per pint at stores listed below is $6.99 and slightly more for on-line orders.

UPDATE: As of the success of the Natural Products Expo, Reveri is happy to announce distribution into all Southern California Bristol Farm’s locations shortly.  However, if you cannot wait, Reveri’s products can be found currently at your nearest Erewhon, Rainbow Acres Natural Foods, The Corner Store San Pedro, PC Greens Malibu, and of course available online as a six pack.   As readers of LA Wonders,  Reveri is happy announce a 15% promo code to readers by using “Spring15” upon checkout good through April 30.


Plant-Based Frozen Desserts

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