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Glen Ivy Club Mud

Glen Ivy Club Mud-Photo compliment of Glen Ivy

If you haven’t been to Glen Ivy Hot Springs, you’re missing a critical life choice: Wellness. As defined in Webster’s Dictionary, Wellness is “The quality or state of being in good health especially as an active sought goal.” To reach that goal, we find ways to positively impact our body in order to live healthier, longer lives.  And as we age in this hectic world, we find ways detox which reaps many healing benefits.

On a daily basis, we are exposed to toxins (cancer causing chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, industrial waste), which affects our behavior, our appetite, and our immune system.  Although our body is naturally capable of detoxing these harmful chemicals and wastes, the body is often overloaded with these free radicals that speeds up the aging process.

With my recent visit to Glen Ivy and strolling through the lush manicured grounds, I’ve checked out the following pools and experiences and how each and everyone of these experiences can benefit you in their own ways.

Lap Pool-A great way to stay fit, swimming in any lap pool will increase your heart rate and burns unwanted body fat. Swimming as cardio vascular exercise will also improve mood while strengthening your arms and legs.

Mineral Baths-Hot springs and mineral baths have been around for thousands of years.  You’ll often find mineral baths within almost any hot springs because the minerals has natural healing qualities for many ailments. Sitting in a mineral bath reduces stress and relieves pain. Furthermore, the sulfur within the hot springs kills acne bacterial and help moisturize the skin.  Yes, it smells bad, but it’s great for you!

Hot and Cold Cycle Pools-Hot and Cold cycle pools are what’s known as contrast therapy.  By using the hot pool, your blood vessel expands but when you enter the cold pool, your muscle constricts.  By taking the plunge in both pools systematically, blood flows increases thus improving circulation.  At the same time when plunging into the cold, it reduces the trauma often associated with muscle tear.  Therefore, athletes are typical users for these pools to help speed up muscle recovery.

Goco Cafe, offering light and healthy fares

Goco Cafe, offering light and healthy fares

Saline Pool-Salt water pools doesn’t use chlorine, thus better for your skin. The saline pool here is large, and can seat over 25+ people at a time. This being my personal favorite, salt water contains fewer toxins and made my skin softer. Salt water also contains bromide, a mineral which help relieve aches and pain caused through joints and muscles. Being in my late 40s, I certainly feel feel the healing properties for my aching joints while soaking here.

Club Mud-Perhaps the most popular location besides the mineral pool,  the mud therapy in club mud is not only fun but it is also refreshing and revitalizing. Mud retains moisture for a long time and cools the body when applied. Mud can also dilute and absorb toxic substances and eliminates them from the body. In some countries, mud can also be used to relieve problems such as constipation and skin diseases. Who ever thought playing in mud can have so much healing properties?

Grotto-offered as an option inside Glen Ivy, the Grotto is a true one of a kind experience.  A three-step process taking almost an hour, it starts with a warm full body masque painted all over from head to toe. The masque consists of nourishing ingredients containing aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, eucalyptus, and lavender.  It then moves over to the hydration chamber so the masque can work its magic. The treatment finalizes with a refreshing shower inside a cool chamber with available refreshments such as water, hot tea, and apples.  I am currently typing the day after and I can attest my hands are softer as a result of this treatment.  (*Reservations Required).

Bar 41 drinks, coming soon to Glen Ivy

Needless to say, there are plenty of ways for self improvement here for your mind, body, and soul. There are also massages villas here to help de-stress those tired back and shoulders.  For those on the go, there is a also a salon at the hot springs offering services skin care and nail care. Both locations currently offer products from Comfort Zone, offering high quality professional spa products for your face and body.

With all this detoxing going on, one must put a healthy and vitamin rich food back into the body. With the recent addition of Goco Cafe, you can find quick bites such as salads, sandwiches, wraps and parfaits. Crudite cups and a juice bar also offered here and help keeps you in check of a healthy diet.  For something heartier, Chef Micah Severeid also works his light and lean cuisine over at Ivy Kitchen and offers fares such as flat-breads and pizzas.

Let’s not forget staying healthy is more than just a visit, it’s a lifestyle. We strive to be WELL, but in reality we are all far from it.  I know it’s not the new year yet, but resolution for next year would be to slow down my pace in life and enjoy what I currently have, like my family and friends.  I want to be to live a long and healthy life and though I may never be able to eat all vegan or exercise daily, I will try my best to do what I can and also inspire others to follow. Let’s improve our quality of life and making wellness a routine.  Hopefully you will catch me running at the beach on the weekends and perhaps at the hot and cold cycle pools here when my muscles needs a speedy recovery. Whatever your way to stay healthy might be, let’s make it count.

My one day experience here at Glen Ivy below:


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