How to Burgerboss like a School Bully

Burger Boss Tustin -Photo by Peter Hsieh

Burger Boss Tustin -2/3 lb burger, smoked gouda, lettuce, tomato, onion on white kaiser roll.

Burger Boss, the new kid serving up 100% grass fed beef and customizable burgers, just arrived in town at the new Village at Tustin Legacy.  But just like attending a new school, you might be a little shy at altering things such as your burger.   At Burger Boss, just remember, YOU are the boss!   Every made-to-order burger is a part of your own individuality so you can create your own like a bully!

Burgers here (beef, chicken breast, and ground turkey breast)  are raised naturally without antibiotics or growth hormones.  For vegans, there is a house made black bean patty option.  Then you choose from a variety of buns, wrap, of lettuce bowl.   You then add from a variety of cheese, sauces, and toppings to finish off that delicious burger of yours.  While the cheese and premium toppings are extra, all the sauce and most of the toppings are free.  There are more than 30 topping options and some 15 different sauces. All burgers are cooked medium unless requested.

Burger Boss Tustin -Photo by Peter Hsieh

Fries and sweet potato fries with dipping sauces: ketchup, chipotle mayo, sweet chili, and herb mayo

The same option of adding toppings to your burgers applies to your fries as well.  Yes, you can add an egg, turkey bacon, or avocado on your fries for an extra charge.   But we chose the dipping option instead, personally we love the in-house garlic herb mayo. Delicious on a burger or used as a dipping sauce.  Other non-traditional dippers include: A1 steak sauce, sriracha sauce, sweet chili sauce, chipotle mayo, can cajun buffalo sauce.  The skin-on fries here are done well, slightly crispy on the outside and topped with sea salt.  The sweet potato waffle fries are crispy and super addictive.

Burger Boss Tustin -Photo by Peter Hsieh

Bossed my burger with 2/3 lb beef, aged swiss, grilled mushrooms, with an organic egg over medium.

Personally, I’m a purist. I like a burger simple, yet made to my individuality.  Perhaps I was that kid who sat in the back corner in high school trying not to participate in class. While some people gravitate to the “protein burger” with lettuce and patty itself, I prefer mine without the veggies (See above).  I know it sounds like no frills, opposite of what you can do with a burger, but hey I’m still THE BOSS and got what I wanted. (Insert happy face emoji)

Ordering your burger and fries can be made at the kiosk when entering the restaurant or at the cashier.  Delivery is available via Doordash or Postmates.  Open daily from 10:30am to 9pm daily except Fridays and Saturdays to close at 10pm.

Current locations include: Riverside, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Cypress, and Tustin. Newport Beach grand opening expected as of January 2018.

Burger Boss Tustin 

15080 Kensington Park Drive,

Tustin CA 92782

(657) 245-3080

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