An evening with David Walker at Five Crown’s Porktoberfest

Firestone Walker at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Bangers at Five Crowns paired with Firestone Walker line of beers

Oktoberfest, the modern-day, overcrowded beer festival with non-stop beer mug clanking action has returned for this month.   Fortunately for craft beer lovers and people with finer tastes, there is an event made for us at Five Crowns in Newport Beach: Porktoberfest.   Now in it’s 6th year, the six-course tasting of all swine related and goodness was served in the open-air green house and garden area of Five Crowns.

The Lawry owned family of restaurants at Five Crowns offers everything pig related during this event.  Parts such as pork shoulder, leg, hock, belly, ribs, shoulder, and every part imaginable was used for this family style dinner. Firestone Walker Brewing offered six very different styles from its portfolio ranging from Wild-Ales, to IPAs, to Imperial Stouts for a relaxing night of history as told by David Walker  (Co-Owner) of Firestone Walker Brewing.

Firestone Walker at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Firestone Walker Co-Founder David Walker Storytelling

1st Course

Pork Rillette-Pork shoulder, tomato confit, crispy garlic and paired with SLO-Ambic

2nd Course

Nose to Tail Soup-pork leg, hock, foot, belly, shoulder, and head, fennel, Maitake mushrooms paired with Leo vs. Ursus Inferos

3rd Course

Glazed Pork Belly-pork belly, cucumber, almond, radish, watercress paired with Helldorado

4th Course

House made English Banger-pork shoulder & belly, beer braised cabbage, sweet peppers, mustard paired with DBA

5th Course

Ribs-Green bean salad, mac n’ cheese, paired with Venice Generation I

6th Course

Fruit Galette-pork belly, house smoked pancetta paired with Parabola 

Firestone Walker at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Parabola 2017 Imperial Stout in snifters

As every beer was introduced, Walker follows with a bit of history behind the beer. Here were the excerpts throughout the night.

Slo-lambic -“This is a wild-ale that contains viciously destructive yeast and the style is not for everyone, like anthrax in a kindergarten. After 4th and 5th time while in the shower, you’ll end up accepting it.”

Inferos-“Just like their Luponic Distortion beer, Inferos was created by part of the movement of the IPA palate.”

Helldorado-“This is a big beer, a blond barleywine. As for barreling, we buy bourbon Barrel from Four Roses, Pappy Van Winkle and other distilleries. We carry in total, around 4,000 barrels.”

DBA-“It’s the first beer we ever brewed that started it all. It’s an English pale ale that is clear, easy to drink, like ones from Denmark and England.  We set out to make this beer to with same image. Primary fermentation of DBA is in wooden barrels which 20% goes to that contraption and 80% goes to steel and it gets blended back. (Hence Double Barrel ale).  You can Can  Noble hops in the background., drinks like London Pride.”

Venice Generation I-“American thirst dictates and 40% of US drinks IPA. It’s also hugely popular in Europe.”

Parabola-“A giant Imperial Stout, throw in bourbon barrel and store about a year, mixed in their Anniversary beer in October.”

Firestone Walker at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Nose to Tail Soup at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Firestone Walker at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Glazed Pork Belly at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Firestone Walker at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Delicious off the bone ribs served at Five Crowns.

Firestone Walker at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Mac and Cheese at Five Crowns

Firestone Walker at 5 Crowns with David Walker

Fruit Galette-pork belly, house smoked pancetta

A totally new way to enjoy Oktoberfest, The Porktoberfest. No lines, great beers, awesome food, and I was still able to clank beer glasses with my table side neighbors. Thanks for a wonderful evening and beer education. Mark your calendar for next year for this low-key and highly enjoyable beer pairing event at Five Crowns.

Five Crowns & SideDoor

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