Interscope Records Drops Electric Sky Wine

Just in time for summer!

Since making its debut at the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2015 Electric Sky Wine has proven to be a hit at festivals all over the U.S., like the Governor’s Ball, Meadows, North Coast, Bonnaroo, SXSW and far outselling wines in traditional glass bottles.

Now, Electric Sky makes its debut here in Los Angeles, Interscope Records home market in the state of Cali, which is in the top 10 list of most consumed wine states in the U.S. (fun fact). You are home Electric Sky!


Break the seal (no wine opener needed) and the fruits of Interscopes labor are all yours. This is obviously a win win for both the wine industry and the music industry and also makes you wonder why this didn’t happen sooner. #Genius! Single servings of wine in shatterproof, recyclable glass. SCORE! Also it’s so much cuter chugging a single serving baby bubble container of wine than a big heavy glass bottle. Let’s keep this classy.


Time for some legit wine talk. Electric Sky is sourced from select vineyards in the French Languedoc, Italian Veneto, and California wine growing regions. There are 4 types available, California Red Blend, Italian Pinot Grigio, California Moscato and the French Rosé. All have between 12-13% abv (not bad). The wines are not pretentious. They are fun, simple and refreshing, and are becoming really popular with today’s younger, premium wine consumers. But let me just tell you though, I gave one to my dad who’s not a millennial, he’s 79 years old and he LOVED it. While Interscopes natural market is to target music festival crowds, this wine has a much larger reach.

I can count on both hands where Electric Sky Wine can be a game changer.

—⋅ Movie theaters (not as obvious or tacky as a single serving bottle)
—⋅ —Picnics in the park (because a full bottle never fits in the cooler, especially after it’s been opened)
——⋅ Backyard bbq’s (the wine looks so classy and pretty in a bucket full of ice…see picture below)
——⋅ Party Favors (Electric Sky fits perfectly in a cellophane gift bag surrounded by dark chocolate and gummy bears)
——⋅ Baby Showers (because everything is basically small and cute)
—⋅ —The Beach (because the days of hiding your face in a sweatshirt to take a swig of wine are over)
——⋅ Emergency survival kit in the trunk of the car (by now you’ve already taken out the corkscrew for another emergency and didn’t put it back)
——⋅ Traveling (No one likes to sit on the plane and wonder the whole flight if the bottle of wine they packed broke in their suitcase.
——⋅ Appetizer displays (Wine tower with a side of doughnut holes instead of a cupcake tower sounds so much more appealing)
—⋅ —Visiting relatives (now you don’t have to worry about looking like a lush when you drink a bottle. Bring a 4 stack of Electric Sky and everyone will think you’ve been drinking the same one all night)

This is the perfect solution for when you want one or two glasses of wine and don’t want to open a full bottle! It’s portable, super inexpensive and pretty darn tasty. Electric Sky is available here at these fine retailers.

Enjoy and drink responsibly.

Kimlai Yingling is a culinary producer, freelance writer & host who has been seen on, & She's been featured in HuffPost, LA Wonders, Dirty and Thirty etc. She has a bachelor's degree in Communications from Washington State University. Find Kimlai on Instagram @kimlaiyingling

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