Southern BBQ Favorites at The Anaheim House of Blues

BBQ Menu at HOB Anaheim -Pic by @Peteyhsieh

Korean BBQ Riblets at HOB Anaheim

House of Blues has always been associated with great music as we all know, but what should you order when you are hungry for some Southern Barbecue? If you have a hankering for some tasty Southern cuisine that requires extra wet-naps, here are some of their “traditional dishes with a contemporary twist.”   Korean BBQ Riblets, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Saint Louis Ribs, and Bourbon Bread Pudding.

We were blessed to have Executive Sous Chef Kelvin Crisostomo showcase some of the BBQ favorites found from the House of Blues in Anaheim in a four-course tasting.

*Korean BBQ Riblets-Rib Tips or Riblets are the rib ends found from cutting off the ends of ribs to make straighten them into a Saint Louis cut. (Shown Later). The Rib Tips here has a hint of Chinese 5-Spice dry rubbed, slow cooked, and slathered in house made BBQ sauce and served over a slaw of kimchi.  The Korean BBQ Riblets can currently found at the Foundation Room, located upstairs from the main dining area.

BBQ Menu at HOB Anaheim -Pic by @Peteyhsieh

Pulled Pork Sandwich at  HOB Anaheim


Pulled Pork Sandwich-Pulled Pork is a method of cooking pork in slow temperatures with a tough cut of meat like a pork shoulder that can be teared apart when it reaches an ideal temperature. If it overcooks, the pork will remain try and tough.

HOB pulled pork reaches the perfect serving temperature and served with their house made barbecue and served on an artisan bun. It is served along side with their mayo based cole-slaw on the side.







BBQ Menu at HOB Anaheim -Pic by @Peteyhsieh

Saint Louis Ribs with Cole Slaw, BBQ Sauce, and Baked Beans


Saint Louis Ribs-Remember the cut rib tips?  The reason for the rib tips is the mouth-watering, perfect size ribs here.  The Saint Louis cut here is perfectly “Square.”  Square is a term used for pit masters to trim ribs in order for the ribs to have the same size from one end to another so the ribs will cook evenly.

The ribs are fall off the bone soft, and has a crusty char on the outer layer. It is slatered in BBQ sauce and served with side of baked beans for accompaniment.  As for their BBQ sauce, Chef Crisotomo didn’t disclose much secrets but it is a vinegar and ketchup based sauce made fresh everyday.

House of Blues Anaheim-Picture by Peter Hsieh

Bourbon Bread Pudding with Fresh Whipped Cream

Bourbon Bread Pudding-The Bourbon Bread Pudding at the House of Blues, according to its menu,  contains bananas, white chocolate, and finished with a bourbon caramel sauce and topped with fresh whipped cream.  I’m not a fan of sweet desserts and lucky for me, the caramel sauce wasn’t overly sweet.  It’s served on the firmer side, unlike traditional bread puddings, and has a dense consistency.  For me, no hint of bourbon in terms of smell or taste. Thus, I can safely say this dessert is kid friendly.

So the next time you’re at the House of Blues and love Southern BBQ, try out these favorites.

House of Blues-Anaheim

Address: 400 Disney Way #337, Anaheim, CA 92802



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