ICYMI Bruery’s 9th Anniversary Party at the Phoenix Club

The Bruery's 9th Anniversary -Pic by Peter Hsieh

The Bruery’s 9th Anniversary -Pic by Peter Hsieh

It’s hard to believe The Bruery turned 9 this past weekend. It’s crazy to think how many variations of their signature Black Tuesday has been created since its inception.  And with the recent creation of Off Shoot Beer company (One that creates the East Coast Hazy IPAs), the excitement is once again brewing attention with those Juicy IPA drinkers.  Also, if you want to find all of these beers along with friends of the Bruery, more specifically 45 different breweries,  look no further than going to their anniversary party.  It all went down this past Saturday, May 6th 2017 at the Phoenix Club.  With popular names like Cascade, Society, Alesmith and others bringing their rare and one off beers, it was easily now one of my favorite beer festivals of all time.

Of course, getting into this event not only requires a ticket, but being either a Hoarder or a Reserve Society member just in order to purchase one.  But once inside, you’re treated to some of the best beers and recently made specialty beers all within a few days of this festival.  Beers such as Jam the Radar (Bottle Logic), BBA Mocha Machine (Beachwood). Below is a list of the breweries and vendors who came and joined the fun.

The Bruery's 9th Anniversary -Pic by Peter Hsieh

The Bruery’s 9th Anniversary with Patrick pouring J Wakefield collab.

Partcipating Breweries Include:
Abnormal Beer Company
Alesmith Brewing Company
Almanac Beer Co.
Artifex Brewing Company
Avery Brewing Company
Bagby Beer Company
Beachwood Brewing
Beachwood Blendery
Bottle Logic Brewing
Casa Agria Specialty Ales
Cascade Brewing
Chapman Crafted Beer Company
El Segundo Brewing Company
Evans Brewing Co.
Firestone Walker Brewing Company & Barrelworks
Garage Project
Golden Road Brewing
Good Beer Company
Highland Park Brewery
J. Wakefield Brewing
Kern River Brewing Company
King Harbor Brewing
Libertine Brewing Company
Mason Ale Works
Modern Times Beer
Monkish Brewing Company
Mother Earth Brew Co.
Noble Ale Works

The Bruery's 9th Anniversary -Pic by Peter Hsieh

The Bruery’s 9th Anniversary glass and wristband. 

Perennial Artisan Ales
Phantom Carriage Brewery
Pizza Port Brewing Company
Port Brewing
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Smog City Brewing Company
Societe Brewing Company
Stone Brewing
TAPS Fish House & Brewery
The Lost Abbey
The Rare Barrel
Third Window Brewing Co.
Three Weavers Brewing Company
Tustin Brewing Co.
Unsung Brewing Company

Participating Vendors Include:
Augies Coffee House
Banzai Jerky
Modern Times Coffee
Reed’s Ginger Brew & Virgil’s Natural Sodas
TCHO – New American Chocolate
The Brauhaus

I did my best to get try as much as I could, usually asking for half pours.  With so many choices and so little time, here are some of my favorites: (Your will vary)

Favorite Stout: 

Joyful Tuesday (The Bruery BBA Imperial Stout with almonds and toasted coconuts, 20% ABV )

Jam The Radar (Bottle Logic Russian imperial stout aged in buffalo trace bourbon barrels and finished with cocoa nibs and raspberries , 13.7% ABV)

Favorite Sour: Cascade Peaches & Cream (Blend of sour wheat, spiced blond, spiced quad ales. 9.4% ABV)

The Bruery's 9th anniversary-Photo by Peter Hsieh

The Bruery’s 9th anniversary fans

Favorite Wit: Perennial Ales Funky Wit (Belgian style witbier fermented wjfh Saccharomycrs, Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces, Pediococcus and spiced with orange peel, black pepper, and coriander; aged one year jn neutral French oak foeder, 5% ABV)

Favorite IPA: Offshoot Beer Company Fashionably Late (Juicy IPA 6.5% ABV)

Noble Ale Work’s Drop of Jupiter (DIPA juice with dried apricot, mango, pineapple and orange blossom 9.7% ABV)

The longest line went to Abnormal Beer with their Pappy Barrel Four (Imperial Stout aged in Pappy Van Winkle Barrels).  Numerous food stations situated under the dome serving chicken, burgers, fries.  There were plenty of bottled water on hand on a cool Saturday afternoon.  Personally, everything was great but more bathrooms would be appreciated.

To put it in a better perspective, here is a short video from the day of the anniversary party.


So Happy Birthday, The Bruery.  Kudos to you for throwing a great party as well as all the proceeds from the ticket sales will fund the Boys and Girls club of Central Orange Coast. I know the expectations for the 10th anniversary will be bigger and better.  However, no pressure.  Because I’m sure whoever comes, the beers will no doubt be the talk of the town for days.


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