Poke Logic & Crescendo Ice Cream Prep The Goods for Montebello Opening

It was a media frenzy in Montebello as Poke Logic and Crescendo prepare to open the doors for their double grand opening this weekend.

Part 1 of this 2-part opening. Poke Logic is taking up a permanent residency inside the Montebello Shopping plaza.

Why you’ll want to check out Poke Logic. It’s the only poke restaurant that offers special fried rice for a base option. “Special” meaning it’s a mix of rice, shrimp, Asian sausage, eggs and some other stuff that gets thrown in fried rice. Whatever their recipe is it tastes pretty dang good. They also have over 30 toppings to choose from, which is the largest topping choice in all of poke land. And lastly besides the special fried rice and topping overload is no up sell on premium toppings. So go crazy with the avocado, masago and imitation crab. For all those frugal folks (like myself) I’m doing handstands because premiums are usually an extra buck or two, each.

So how does a *poke bowl come together? You choose your base (usually rice), then your protein, then your sauce and then the toppings. Everything goes into a bowl and looks really pretty and colorful then you grab your sticks and dig in.


acai bowl. Super food!

acai bowl. Super food!

Poke Logic is also offering an energizing acai bowl. It’s a sweet treat without the guilt. With ingredients like Acai Sambazon, bananas, blueberries, granola, coconut flakes and honey, it’ll keep you going for an entire day, okay a few hours. They’ll also carry over 11 flavors of Hawaiian Sun, a super tasty tropical drink made in Hawaii. Aloha!

Now for the second half of this delicious two part opening. Crescendo Ice Cream will be poppin up every Friday, Saturday & Sunday inside Poke Logic.

This isn’t your ordinary next door ice creamery. Crescendo, created by a group of friends who love music, food and business, is known for their Singaporean style ice cream sandwich, which is a scoop or two of liquid nitrogen infused creamy ice cream laid out on a slice of fluffy egg bread.

Cookie Cajon and Bailys Bass

Cookie Cajon and Baileys Bass

So why is this ice cream so damn good? In addition to liquid nitrogen they use exotic tea blends to infuse vanilla ice cream into really innovative and tasty flavors. The four flavors that will always be a constant are the Pinkolo, Cookie Cajon, Cha Cha Matcha and Baileys Bass. Did you pick up on all the musical references? For the full Crescendo experience you take a scoop of the ice cream then a bite of the fluffy bread, then another scoop of ice cream and another bite of the still very fluffy bread. You keep repeating until both are gone. It’s interesting to me how good they taste together. Singaporeans clearly know a thing or two about ice cream sandwiches.

PInk Pandan and Cha Cha Matcha on egg bread

Pinkolo and Cha Cha Matcha on egg bread

Crescendo, just like any good artist must keep honing their craft. They recently released, the Artists Palette. It’s Heaven’s Breath accompanied by a palette filled with colorful flavors. What’s Heaven’s Breath, right? Liquid Nitrogen poured over cereal so smoke comes out, plus it also hardens up the cereal a bit. The palette is filled with a handful of condensed milk based flavors that you dip the cereal in to. Pretty creative and pretty tasty! Plus who doesn’t like the illusion that liquid nitrogen brings? I mean, it’s like a Lady Gaga concert, in your mouth.

GRAND OPENING this weekend with special offers from both.

February 11th & 12th 10-am – 10pm
2248 W Beverly Blvd. Montebello, CA 90640

Poke Logic will offer a BOGO free Saturday only and Crescendo will have a BOGO free heaven breath nitro treat cup Saturday and Sunday.




*Poke (raw cubed fish) is a staple in Hawaii and has been for centuries. It’s turned into a trending food the past few years and you’ll find plenty of poke shops all over the United States each offering their version and creative interpretations of Poke.

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