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The Staples Center is home to four professional sport franchises; it’s the host arena to major high profile events and is also home to some pretty lit concerts by world famous artists. With that being said, shouldn’t the quality of food match the venue? Absolutely, YES!

Chef Joseph Martin Kimlai Yingling
Say hello to Chef Joseph Martin, Executive chef with Levy Restaurants who leads the way to provide the ultimate dining experience. The Staples Center has upgraded 14 of the concession stands on the main and upper concourses. And are bringing in high profile Michelin starred chefs to amp up the playing field. Chef Ludo Lefebvre was the first celebrity chef to come on board four years ago with Ludo Bird and adding to the culinary story is Chef Josiah Citrin with Dave’s Doghouse, Chef Ray Garcia with B.S. Taqueria and Chef Bradford Kent with Blaze Pizza.

You don’t just go to this arena for the event, and find somewhere to eat nearby beforehand. You go to the Staples Center for the complete package, a night out with dinner and the show all under one roof. The architecture of the building, the types of events it holds and the quality of food offered makes the Staples Center a world class arena.

The Staples Center’s media food tour brought in writers from all over the state to experience the new kids on the block. Our first stop, the one, the only, Chef Ludo with Ludo Bird.

You know how they say you can tell a person loves to cook when you eat their food, like you can taste the labor of love in the food. Chef Ludo loves to cook and he LOVES chicken. He has mastered the art of cooking juicy tasty crispy not greasy fried chicken. Ludo Bird is serving up crispy fried dark and white meat chicken with piquillo pepper sauce and béarnaise. It is finger lickin good.

Right down the hall is Dave’s Doghouse. I love when chefs color outside the lines and create delicious oldies but goodies that still resemble the original but tastes better than the original. Chef Josiah Citrin’s dogs are creative. I love a good mac n cheese and was super excited to try the mac n cheese dog with bacon and then I tried the chili and onion dog. I don’t know what Chef Josiah put in that chili but it was so flavorful and of course chili is like a dogs best friend. Sorry Mac you definitely played second fiddle to the chili this time around. The bun is not your typical hotdog bun, it’s like grilled Texas toast. Nothing like dogs and a game!

Chef Ray Garcia with B.S. Taqueria served up homemade carnita tacos and homemade churros with a chili de arbol chocolate sauce. Forget the churros and just give me a to go cup of that sauce. OH MY! One bite of the carnita filled taco and I knew there was nothing average about it. It had just the right amount of spice and the meat was so juicy. The homemade corn tortilla totally put it over the top. There are other variety of tacos available as well. You guys, Chef Ray Garcia IS L.A.

Watching Chef Bradford Kent talk about Blaze Pizza just made me smile. He is so passionate about real food, real ingredients and real quality. Blaze Pizza was dishing out crispy kale and quinoa salad, bbq chicken pizza and S’more Pies. I was surprised to find out they make new dough batches every single morning. You can definitely the freshness in the pizza. The crust is not so thin that it flops down when you pick it up yet it’s thick enough to hold ingredient to the very last bite. No soggy story going on here. They also offer S’more Pies, which is Blaze Pizza’s version of a traditional s’more. Instead of graham crackers they use biscuits. So fancy! #Howdoyoublaze?

Visit Staples Center for a full list of their concessions and food and beverage options. Happy Eating and Cheers!

Kimlai Yingling is a culinary producer, freelance writer & host who has been seen on, & She's been featured in HuffPost, LA Wonders, Dirty and Thirty etc. She has a bachelor's degree in Communications from Washington State University. Find Kimlai on Instagram @kimlaiyingling

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