Luckyrice Brings Slurpfest Back To DTLA

Did you know in Japan it takes approximately 13 minutes to slurp down a bowl of ramen? I never really thought about how long it takes to eat a bowl of ramen but THIRTEEN minutes seemed like a long time or at least I thought it was a long time until I went to Slurpfest. Slurpfest is the hugely popular ramen event created by LuckyRice and sponsored by Bombay Sapphire East Gin. It was held at the Millwick, which is partly inside and sorta outside and covered with beautiful greenery in the downtown LA. arts district. This eating event introduces people to the ramen culture with a variety of traditional bowls.

So here’s how Slurpfest works.

There are 4 different stations with 4 different ramen vendors, one at each station. You’re given a set of chopsticks that you keep with you to use for all 4 bowls and you have 13 minutes at each station to slurp up your bowl of ramen all the way down to the last noodle. They call it, speed dating, ramen style. While the ramen was available the potential suitors were not 🙂

The 4 ramen houses were Ramen Hood, Shin Ramen, The Ramen Joint and Ramen N.A.O.


RAMEN HOOD Vegetarian Spicy Ramen






THE RAMEN JOINT Shoyu Tonkotsu



RAMEN N.A.O. Tori Pai-Tan

I thought the ramen would be served in rice bowl size portions but nope, full size bowls baby! In real life I can barely finish one full bowl of ramen. However, It was a great way to try different flavors and styles, meet other ramen lovers and sip on delicious Bombay Sapphire Gin East cocktails.

Next time, I will have a solid strategy going in and maybe even a few tupperware containers in my bag, just in case. The event sells out quickly so make sure to check the Luckyrice site for the next Slurpfest in your area and get it on the calendar. I highly recommend it.

Kimlai Yingling is a culinary producer, freelance writer & host who has been seen on, & She's been featured in HuffPost, LA Wonders, Dirty and Thirty etc. She has a bachelor's degree in Communications from Washington State University. Find Kimlai on Instagram @kimlaiyingling

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