Jack In The Box Markets New Burger Through Virtual Reality

Jack In The Box has stepped out of the box to market their latest burger creation, Jack’s BrewHouse Bacon Burger through virtual reality.

jack in the box virtual reality

This was not your typical burger tasting media preview. We were brought into a white walled room with a white table and white chairs and were asked to put on virtual reality googles.

It’s go time! The vr experience begins by placing you in a bar setting. Through the goggles you can look up, down, to the right, to the left and behind you. There are people throughout the bar and a few that are super close on both sides. The bartender chats with you and pours you a cold glass of beer and then a suave looking Jack comes out with the newest Jack In The Box creation on a silver platter, the Jacks BrewHouse Bacon Burger and places it right in front of you. It’s vr so you can’t actually touch the burger. Now it’s time to take off the vr goggles and right in front of you is the real deal, the burger. Because we had the headsets on we were unaware that the pr crew brought in the burgers and I thought it was so cool that we could smell through virtual reality (don’t get too excited, we aren’t using virtual smell reality…yet.)

Jack In The Box is known for their creative marketing tactics so this isn’t too far fetched and they are the first fast food chain to use virtual reality to market a new burger. Will this strategy be a success? It’s too early to tell but customers are definitely eager to be a part of an interactive experience.

Check out the virtual reality experience for yourself. Make sure to click on the arrows in the upper left hand corner to get the full vr experience if you don’t have the vr goggles.

Jacks BrewHouse Bacon Burger is pretty dang good and tastes like a pub burger (that’s why the vr setting is in a pub). It’s loaded with grilled onions, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes and a porter ale cheese sauce. It’ll be on the menu beginning Monday, July 18th and they’ll also be handing out vr glasses. It’s a pretty solid burger for under $5.00. The interactive experience is priceless.

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