First Look: Bruery Terreux for the Tart & Funky Craft Beer Drinkers

Bruery Terreux in Anaheim

Bruery Terreux in Anaheim, minutes from the Placentia parent

As one ages into adolescence, the taste in their preference in food and drinks changes. Now that I’m getting older, my palate has changed once again into a more complex beer drinker.  I love “America”, but I could no longer drink watered down lagers in those shiny red and white cans.   It wasn’t until the last decade, the love for craft beer really piqued my interest.  From the sessionable Belgium Style Mischief to those once a year “Whale Beers” for special occasions like Black Tuesday, The Bruery in Placentia always has something for everyone who has discerning taste buds.

With the Bruery’s ever changing product lines and flavor profiles, they’ll now enter into the Tart and Wild Ales market with the creation of Bruery Terreux set to open this Friday.  Yes, you might’ve already seen or tasted the Terreux beers with the yellow cap from your local market but now, Bruery Terreux will have a full blown, wild fermented building all to themselves.  Oh, and it will hold a lot more people with the addition of an outdoor patio!

Outdoor patio seating area at Bruery Terreux

Outdoor patio seating area at Bruery Terreux, with an outside ordering window.

To oversea production, Bruery Terreux sought Jeremy Grinkey, a winemaker in the past three years.  With the fermentation and the barrel aging process similar to how wine is stored, Jeremy felt immediately at home.  This location, though will be strictly focused on fermentation and bottling. All the wort are made at the Placentia facility and transported 3-8 times a week, according to Grinkey.  The barrels used here are mostly American and French Oak and currently there are 1,700 barrels in terms of capacity.

2 Large Foeders inside the barrel room for storage

2 Large Foeders inside the barrel room for storage

Sours, the science behind the beer making process, is completely different than making traditional beer. Unlike sterilizing your equipment with Star San, Sour beers intentionally allows wild yeast strains and other bacteria into the beer.  The microbes in the air adds additional compounds throughout the environment. The most common air invaders are Brettanomyces, Pediococcus, Lactobacillius.  The process inadvertently causes the flavor of the beer to be sour and tart. Yet another process to sour beer is by adding fruit like raspberries & nectarines into the brewing process and spur a secondary fermentation. It’s because of the help of  the wild yeast (which causes alcohol production) and bacteria (which causes souring) is what create sour beer flavor to become Tart & Funky. However, if wild yeasts was not taken with precaution and controlled incorrectly, it can go from funky to Junky when infected improperly.

Locally, Beachwood BBQ is already ahead of the game with their version of the wild bière at The Blendery located behind Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach making great Berliner Weisse, Saisons, and Fruit Blend Beers.  However, the tasting room hours at The Blendery are only during the weekends.   In addition, the newly opened Ballast Point in Long Beach will have a Sour Program in the works according to the Long Beach Post.

It’s interesting this new location wasn’t walking distance to the original Placentia Bruery .  However, the 3.1 mile differential according to Google Maps makes it makes the location more interesting since Terreux is just an exit away from Bottle Logic and Hoparazzi.

Sure, let’s add this to our beer crawl list.

Update: Do expect some of the following beers for this Friday. Current tap list as of July 7th included: Jardinier, Hottenroth, Frucht: Apricot, Cherry & Orange, Cherry & Lemon, Callista Flockout, Batch #1731, Muspalus, Rueze (2015), Saixon, Dry hopped Saixon, Ghost Brett Saison, Loakel Red, Or Xata 2016, Mischief, Gypsy Tart, Saison Rue, Beret, Tart of Darkness 2016, Quadrupel Tonnelerie, Share This: Coffee, Cordial BBLS.

Society Tap List: Frucht Yumberry, Frambulous, Tart of Darkness with Vanilla and Cherries

Hoarders Society Exclusives: Chocolate Rain

Bruery Terreux

1174 N. Grove St., Anaheim, CA

Tasting Room Hours:

12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day, beginning July 8.



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