Chambord | The Ultimate Brunch Experience

When I think about brunch three things immediately come to mind. Friends, Sunday funday and bottomless mimosas. That is until I was invited to hop aboard the All Chamboaaard brunch bus, which was a pleasantly delicious surprise in how to really “punch and brunch” with the very versatile Chambord Raspberry liquor.

I remember seeing the Chambord bottle when I was little in our liquor cabinet. It was a fancy shiny bottle with real gold on it and round like a snow globe (everything is real when you’re little). When I got older a mentor who was almost 100 years old introduced me to Chambord again. He told me that his secret to staying young was taking a single shot of Chambord every night before bed. I will admit that that is what prompted me to buy my very first bottle of Chambord however, I cannot make any claims to its anti aging properties since I do carry the Asian card in my back pocket.

Chambord was on a mission to show us how to really amp up our brunch game and create the perfect brunch day.

Our Chambord “Punch and Brunch” started with a glass of Punch Royale hand delivered by our flamingo suit wearing manservants (it was a two to 10 ratio) as we boarded the Chambord Brunch Bus. I told you, Chambord was on a mission! The Punch Royale is a delicious mix of Chambord, cranberry juice and champagne. It was so delicious, sweet yet tart and perfectly paired for a hot day. A tasty step up from a regular mimosa.

man servants

We sipped on our Punch Royale’s as we were driven to our first “Punch and Brunch” destination, the lovely Fleurish Flower Bar.

You can’t have a proper brunch without beautiful fresh flowers. Our goal was to make the perfect tablescape while sipping on Chambord Black Raspberry Margaritas. I would have never thought to use Chambord in a margarita mix and I’ve created quite a few infused margarita recipes.

Chambord Margaritas
Wow! I couldn’t drink these fast enough. Thank goodness we got started on our tablescapes and with the help of the Fleurish florist experts they turned out beautiful. A few more Chambord margaritas and we might have ended up with pineapple upside down tablescapes.

Fleurish flower bar
Our next stop was a short drive to SurfasLA. Many people know this place as the ultimate commercial kitchen/restaurant supply store especially for hard to find gadgets. Well they also have cooking classes taught by local chefs. We spent time in the kitchen whipping up eggs and forming filo dough into muffin tins for our toasty brunch egg cups while sipping on Chambord Spiced Berry Punch.

man servants surfas la
egg cups
The chefs rounded out the feast with Chambord infused gold encrusted monte cristos and crispy latkes. We sat around the community table with delicious food and our delicious Chambord drinks. This was the ultimate brunch experience. Thank you to Chambord for showing us how to take brunching to an extremely whole new level and making this day an extremely hard one to top.

Happy Chambord Eating! Happy Chambord Drinking!


Kimlai Yingling is a culinary producer, freelance writer & host who has been seen on, & She's been featured in HuffPost, LA Wonders, Dirty and Thirty etc. She has a bachelor's degree in Communications from Washington State University. Find Kimlai on Instagram @kimlaiyingling

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