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With one month in the bag the newly opened Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop in Venice is already off to a delicious start. The restaurant has a mission to provide fresh, healthy, organic meals at a reasonable price. Many times the words organic and farm-to-table are associated with expensive plates. With this location you definitely get the feel of upscale dining without the cost of upscale dining and crazy pretentious vibes.

The first thing you see, unless your eyes go immediately to the left of your eye sockets to the dessert area (I’m a firm believer in dessert first btw), is the huge bar island. It’s definitely the focal point and it should be considering the focus on signature craft cocktails. All the drinks feature some sort of herb, spice and/or antioxidant from turmeric, to bee pollen, to activated charcoal, to more recognizable herbs like thyme and lavender. There is a lot of seating at the bar along with table seating throughout the restaurant. There is such a strong sense of neighborhood and community in Venice and Greenleaf fits right in.

The outdoor patio area is absolutely gorgeous. Like, this would be on the bucket list of “dream patios.” Honestly, it was hard to concentrate on the food because we couldn’t stop focusing on the aesthetics. The parachute retractable ceiling, the detail on the metal chairs, the half moon lights on the walls, all the way to the distressed look of the floor, yes the floor looks very expensive. It’s all very restoration hardware-esque. Grab fido and just go…you’ll see what I mean.

Here comes the food and to go boxes. Our eyes were a bit bigger than our stomachs. We started with the antioxidant salad, which was humongous. The portions are definitely big enough to share but you probably don’t want to do that since leftovers taste so good. There was a lot going on with this salad. Grapes, celery, walnuts, dried berries, cukes, pomegranates, mint, strawberries, apples, seriously it was like an entire garden on a plate.

The seared salmon with beet carrot puree was extremely satisfying. I thought the yogurt sauce would overpower the salmon but it didn’t. The salmon was cooked perfectly.

Another favorite was the wild mushroom & white truffle ridiculously thin and crazy flaky pizza. There were so many fabulous flavors with arugula, ricotta salata & goat cheese. I was so pleased the truffle oil did not take over the meal.

And now for dessert ha ha ha, the Angus burger. I’ve never had zucchini pickles in a burger and I have to say not only did the burger have a great presence, it was also really really good and moist and warm. White cheddar, butter lettuce, tomato & onions all inside a brioche bun. Ahhh…..yum!

You didn’t think I was going to end this article without talking about the drinks did you? Seriously, we had a lot of food to wash down. Greenleaf’s drinks are very interesting. Very fresh! Very healthy!

We started with the Green Leaf Mule. The first time we ordered the drink it came out black in color the second time it was clear because of the activated charcoal infused vodka, the color will vary. It was served in a mason jar, which totally fit the décor. This was our favorite! It was light, refreshing and contained ginger syrup and ale. Tip…squeeze the lime into the drink.

Next was the Greenleaf Standard, which was super refreshing as well. If you like cucumber juice this will be your new go to alcoholic beverage. It was so delish and tasted like what spa water should be.

The F.I.G. & Lemon was cool because it was named after the owners’ daughter whose initials are F.I.G. This was another favorite that included homemade fig jam, lemon & honey. I told you, very interesting ingredients.

The Active Recovery (what a great name right?) had turmeric and fresh rosemary from the herb garden. It’s made with scotch and had a much stronger alcohol taste. Scotch lovers will love this cocktail. It was smokey, bold and definitely a sipping cocktail.

Our final drink was The Bees Knees. It was a super balanced cocktail that included bee pollen & lavender, again picked straight from the Greenleaf herb garden.

Herb garden
Walked in to the restaurant very curious. Stayed at the restaurant because it was super delicious and gorgeous. Left the restaurant very full.


Green Leaf ChopShop
1239 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA

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