5 Things To Do This Mother’s Day

Still unsure of what to do this Mother’s Day? Our list below has you covered!

  1. Show your appreciation with gourmet chocolate gifts for Mother’s Day with Frederic Blondeel Chocolates. Blondeel started his journey as a pastry chef at very prestigious restaurants in France before devoting his life passion to chocolate in 1994. In July 2012, Blondeel used his grandfather’s antique 1953 Santos Palace Coffee Roaster along with modern technology to venture in to production of his own Grand Cru Chocolates. One of our favorites is the Madagascar 49% Milk Chocolate bar which pairs perfectly with a Sauvignon Blanc (she’ll like that too!). Purchase directly from www.ChocolateStarsUSA.com


2. Pick out the perfect card.


3. Give her a call!


4. Make dinner reservations.



5. Don’t forget the wine!


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