Fun, fresh, and flexible drink options at Saint Marc

Wine tap at Saint Marc

The unique wine tap at Saint Marc

Over at Saint Marc in Huntington Beach, the drink choices are extensive thanks to General Manager Kent Bearden, a former Master Mixologist of  MGM Grand. Currently, Bearden proudly oversees Saint Marc’s beverage selection which includes 32 wines on draft, 32 domestic and international beer in cans, and top shelf cocktails served in red Solo cups. A different approach in serving drinks that incorporates fun, fresh, and flexible options that enhance the dining experience here.  Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Bearden on the unique ways they’re able to achieve this concept.

Wine board availability at Saint Marc

Wine board availability on TV at Saint Marc

How does the wine system work at Saint Marc and can you explain how it keeps it fresh? 

Our keg wine goes directly from the wine maker’s barrel to the keg.  Therefore, our wine never sees cork, bottles, or boxes.  Once inside the keg, the wine is completely protected from light and oxygen, both of which can ruin the taste of wine.  Once at Saint Marc, the wine is temperature protected inside our keg cooler, ensuring the wine is always presented in its best form.

What are other advantages of having wine on draft at Saint Marc?

There are 16 white and 16 reds served by the ounce. High end wines, not low end by the glass wines. You can buy three ounces or two ounces to pair with any food item you choose. This flexibility helps you choose outstanding wine you love or just a great option to try out new wines.

Stiegle, one of 32 beers in can at Saint Marc

Stiegle, one of 32 beers in can at Saint Marc

I noticed your beer selections are all in cans, why is that? 

Next to keg, the cans is the next best thing to protect the quality of beer

I noticed there are theme days here, can you explain what they are and how customer can benefit? 

Trash Canned Tuesdays: We have a trash can with a lid where we have cut a hole in the top.  The trash can is filled with water, ice, and canned beers that vary in value from $5 – $13.  For a cost of $5 the guest has the chance to reach into the trash can for up to 1 minute and fish around to pull out 1 beer.  This creates a very fun and competitive environment and is available from 11am – 10pm on Tuesday.

Wine-ed Up Wednesday:  This will focus on our 32 wines on draft from 11am – 10pm on Wednesdays.  All 32 selections will be available for $1 off the standard price per ounce.  This is designed to get our guests to try different varietals of wine.

40 “Pre-Prohibition Rum Punchbowl

40 “Pre-Prohibition Rum Punchbowl”

For wine pairing,  Executive Chef Jay Bogsinske explained at any given time in the shop, there are 100-120 different type of cheese offered inside the restaurant.  Chef Bogsinske offers build your own cheeseboards as honey comb cheese, mostarda, Marcona almond, quince paste, and other things to compliment.  Just like wine, cheeseboards can be also purchased by the ounce here.

But for a really fun time with your friends, there is the $40 “Pre-Prohibition Rum Punchbowl” that serves 4-6 people. (Also comes in a $10 single serve) Bartender Ennio tells me the the ingredients to this massive concoction consists of pineapple juice, orange juice, simple syrup, grenadine, one cup of Bacardi Rum, two cups of Mount Gay Rum, one cup sparkling wine, and served with fresh pineapple and strawberries. Note: It is GINORMOUS!

Yes the drinks are extensive here. In addition to the aforementioned above, there are also bottled soda (Mexican Coke), beer bombers for those who can’t make up their minds from beer / shot, and DIY soda from the Coke Freestyle machine.  To add to the fun, they have Jell-O shots made with moonshine.  Oh, and Saint Marc does serve water, tea, lemonade, and specialty coffee just like regular restaurants. Whatever drink choice you make here, it’ll definitely be fun, fresh, or flexible.

Saint Marc USA

Address: 21058 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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