DTLA’s FOH New Lunch Offerings

All pictures property of Petey Hsieh

Lamb Sandwich $18

FOH (Front of the House) Restaurant in the heart of Downtown LA’s financial district is known for their modern take on Mexican Cusine and Craft Cocktails. Recently they introduced a new lunch menu featuring their take on traditional favorites like their Appetizer Trio with Octopus Cerviche, Guacamole, and Pico de Gallo. (See below) In addition, non-traditional lunch fares like the Lamb Sandwich (shown above) is surprisingly good with Grilled Lamb, Onions, and Roquefort.

All pictures property of Petey Hsieh

Appetizer Trio $15

The food here is bright and vibrant.  If you like to eat with your eyes, this place will make you look and appreciate all the colorful combinations on your plate. With the recent heat wave, we were able to dine al fresco in their patio area. The outside patio garden is quaint and private. Nice for a small group to hang out and chat over drinks. Speaking of which, some of the featured drinks here includes Got Love which was featured as one of the rose infused Valentine’s drink in Eater.  But if you like your cocktail a bit stronger with the taste of Mezcal lingering in the back of your throat, you should try the Tai Breaker with rum, mezcal, lime, and luxardo.

All pictures property of Petey Hsieh

Pork Belly $23 with sides

And if you have a palate more like mine who enjoys something a little different, you should look into getting the Pork Belly here. The Crispy Pork Belly (I mean, who likes soggy pork belly?) is rubbed in achiote and sits on poblano cream. This dish comes with sides of rice, beans, and pico de gallo.  It’s super flavorful and has a nice fat/lean ratio and the poblano cream just complements the dish without over taking the pork belly as the star component of the dish.

We got to try a few other dishes that included Kale Ceasar (Kale, Croutons, Wasabi Caesar), Octopus Salad (Greek Octopus, Mixed Greens, Balsamic Vinaigrette), Truffle Fries / Blue Cheese Fries, Brussel Sprouts with roasted corn and bacon, Duck Nachos (corn chips, jack & cheddar cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo) that were also part of the lunch menu.

If you have a sweet tooth, the dessert offerings here are shipped directly from Milk.  We were lucky to share a slice of their Triple chocolate cake that includes dense devil’s food cake and decadent dark chocolate frosting, double dipped in dark chocolate ganache.

All pictures property of Petey HsiehCan’t make it for lunch? No worries, they have a happy hour that runs from 3pm-7pm from Monday thru Friday and 10pm-12am from Friday to Saturday. They also run themed daily specials:

Margarita Mondays

Taco Tuesdays

Wine Wednesdays

Throwback Thursdays

Fernet Fridays

Front of the House (FOH)

Address: 615 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017
M-Thurs 11:30AM-10PM
Friday     11:30AM-12AM
Saturday 5:30PM -12AM


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