Winestyr – Reinventing the wine game




According to their website, the team at Winestyr has spent countless hours searching for the best small wine producers, tasted thousands of wines, and have genuinely immersed themselves in their passion for discovering wines that move them. Well after trying their product first hand, it definitely shows. About a month ago, I received a shipment of three wines from Winestyr which were delivered right to my doorstep and after tasting them, I could not be happier with my decision.

Full disclosure; I am not a wine-of-the-month-club person, nor have I ever been with any type of product and perhaps it’s just my personality. I’ve always enjoyed the act of traveling and discovering new places on my own and I still am to this day but that doesn’t mean I can’t get some delicious wine delivered to my home every now and then.

Based in Sonoma County, CA, Winestyr’s mission is to curate the best selection of small production wines possible and make them accessible to you through the most authentic wine buying experience out there. This is the exact reason why Winestyr stood out to me, because of my love for small producers of wine who literally pour their passion into a bottle. Nothing excites me more than finding a new producer, tasting their product and eventually visiting the winery. With Winestyr, it gives me the opportunity to taste boutique wines from several different regions, read their story and plan a future vacation. Within each shipment of wine also comes tasting notes and a brief history of each winery which gives you a great insight into what you are about to dive into.

Here are the three wines I received in my first order from Winestyr. Along with the gorgeous packaging, I’d say it was a homerun!



2012 Heron Lake Pinot Noir by Olivia Brion – I’ve been to Napa several times but this was my first experience with any wine from Olivia Brion. This was the absolute perfect wine for the season. This was a very rich Pinot with dark fruit complemented by baking spices, cedar and a hint of truffle. The oaky flavor and richness comes from the 12 month period in French oak barrels. As mentioned, this is a perfect wine for a chilly night and an open fire.

2010 Thumbprint Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon – Thumbprint Cellars is a winery that I am familiar with. I have had a few wines from their tasting room in Healdsburg in the past and have enjoyed them all. This Cab was no different. Another super rich and very balanced wine with flavors of dark cherry, blueberries and a hint of pepper and clove. Similar to the Olivia Brion, this is another perfect wine to enjoy with your significant other on a cool night, under a blanket watching one of those poorly directed holiday movies on ABC Family’s ’25 Days of Christmas’. Here are a few suggestions: Christmas in Palm Springs, A Christmas Detour, Holiday in Handcuffs

2012 Straight Line Tempranillo by Grant Family Wines – This is another bold wine but is less intense than the first two. I don’t know much about Grant Family Wines but with notes of chocolate, fresh fruit and tobacco within this Tempranillo, I will definitely be looking into the rest of their portfolio. This is a great sipping wine that stands perfectly fine on its own.

If you are looking for any type of club to join, Winestyr is highly recommended. This could also be a great gift for a serious and casual wine drinkers alike.

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