Golden Island Jerky and Beer Pairing at your next Bottleshare

jerkyAre you a little tired of the same old pretzels you usually eat along side with your Craft brews? Personally, there’s only so many pretzels I can ingest along side with my beers and after awhile it starts to taste like I’m eating half a loaf of bread.

The good news?  There are choices and with loads of flavor! Golden Island Jerky sent us a few bags of jerky to try out at our recent beer event. Golden Island Jerky are all made in the states and contains no artificial ingredients, nitrates or hormones. After tasting a few, everyone really enjoyed the Korean Barbecue Pork and the Sriracha Jerky.  Both of these pork flavored jerky were moist and after reading more about the package,  it also has no hormones and contains less sodium than traditional jerky. With 100 calories or less per serving, it was the perfect addition to our Bottleshare.


For those of you who’re not sure what a “Bottleshare” is,  in a nutshell, it’s a beer sharing party with your BFFs. (Beer Friends Forever). You bring a bottle or two and share it with your craft beer loving friends.  Everyone enjoys a little bit of everything and gets to try something new in the contribution.

This previous bottleshare, we had a Bourbon Barrel theme.  Meaning: the beers we brought were aged in Bourbon Barrels in some way. In our list, we had: The Bruery’s Black Tuesday, Mocha Wednesday, 6 Geese a Laying, Stone’s Bourbon Barrel aged Arrogant Bastard, and Left Coast’s Ale Epeteois. Most of these beers all have chocolate and coffee note on the nose except for 6 Geese. (Note: The whiskey was for post beer shenanigans and YES we realized the whisky were NOT bourbon barrel aged ).


Golden Island produces other jerky flavors such as Kung Pao Beef,  Grill Barbecue Pork, and Chili Lime Beef. In our observation with the paring, we focused on the Korean BBQ Pork jerky and the Sriracha jerky.

Here is the run down from our bottleshare:

The Korean BBQ Jerky had a smokey and sugary taste without the beer. It has a bit of floral note and by itself,  it was really good!  It plays well with salty and sweet and though we didn’t have an IPA in our lineup, we thought the sweetness would pair well with a Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.

The Sriracha Jerky on the surface has red chile flakes and subtleties of garlic. It has a slight kick on the mouth prior to the beer. When paired with our Left Coast Epeteois, it contrasted really well and you get all the sweetness in your mouth as a pairing.  It also paired well with the Mocha Wednesday.

Salty & sweet or  spicy & sweet? That was our perfect pairings for the day. We really enjoyed having something tasty alongside our beers such as these flavored jerky.  If you’re not sure what to get for the pairing,  Golden Island has their own suggested pairings from their website. With less carbs and more flavor, having Golden Island Jerky to complement your next bottleshare is a great alternative from the usual salty snacks.

Can be found at Ralphs, Costco, and their online store.

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