Knotts ScaryFarm 2015: A Glimpse of What to Expect

Photo Cred: Peter Hsieh

Knotts Scary Farm #ScaryFarm

Can you believe summer is almost over? With Labor Day a little more than a week away, it’s hard to believe it when the temperature is still hovering over the 90 degree mark. But Knott’s has already started preparing for their annual Knott’s ScaryFarm event.  I was fortunate enough to be invited along with some season passholders on what Knott’s have in store for us from Sept. 24-Oct 31 of this year!

Picture Cred: Peter Hsieh

Scary Farm Monsters #ScaryFarm 2015

Season passholders has the option to purchase the ScaryFarm passes for $70 (Before Sept 20)  to use for all 24 scary farm nights!  If you’re not a season passholder, you can purchase a pass for $80.  Another good piece of news,  “you can add parking to your pass this year” according to our MC of the night, Jeff Tucker .  If you’re already a season passholder to Knott’s with parking, the good news is,  it’s already included in your pass for a scary good time!



Picture Cred: Peter Hsieh

Elvira : One of Two shows at Knotts Scary Farm


As for what you can expect for 2015, there will be:

2 Shows

11 Mazes

3 Scare Zones

1,000 Monsters and 13 Thrill Rides

Picture Cred: Peter Hsieh

Ghostown: 1 of 3 Knotts Scary Farm ScareZones


Ghostown: One of the three scare zones with ScaryFarm will feature half man half monsters roaming around. In addition, Dollmaker is making a return in this scare zone!  For those of you not sure who she is, let’s just say she has “Ties to a famous maze called the Doll Factory“, according to Tucker.

The other two scare zones will feature Fiesta De Los Muertos where you will find scare party dancers while other other scare zone Carnevil will be filled with clowns for roaming along the Boardwalk area.


Picture Cred: Peter Hsieh

Infected: Patient Zero Knotts Scary Farm

There are a lot of mazes to cover but since I am a 1st person shooter fanatic in video games, I wanted to focus on “Infected: Special Ops” from the mind of Jon Cooke.  This year, entrance goers will be equipped with a Battle Rifle Pro.  What’s special about this rifle is the better you shoot at your enemies, the better the rifle will become.  The maze will now has twice as many zombies this year too and the gun will have real time scoring! What’s better than ending your night than shooting up some zombies right?

Other mazes includes: Returning rooms to expect Pinocchio Unstrung , Black Magic (Skeleton Key Room), Trick or Treat (Find potion room, attic, potion party).  Other rooms includes ForeverMare, Voodoo-Order of Serpents, The Toothfairy (which you have to “feel your way out”), Gunslingers Grave, and My Bloody Clementine just to name a few.

I hope your are pumped as much as I am to visit Knott’s ScaryFarm this year, it looks like a Ghoul of a good time if you want to scare someone you love!

If you like to see the whole entirety of the preview, head on over to this link here: For tickets and additional information, please head over to

 Knott’s Scary Farm (Sept 24-Oct 31, 2015)

8039 Beach Blvd.,

Buena Park, CA 90620, USA


Wednesday, Thursdays & Sundays
7pm – 1am

Fridays & Saturdays
7pm – 2am

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