Creativity at it’s best at the BaconFest

pictures by Peter Hsieh

WestGrove Smoke House and delicious meatball+bacon =Moinkballs!

I love BACON, period. What’s a better way to get your protein in than those crispy, salty strips of porky goodness? At the Big Bite Baconfest this past weekend, not only did I experience bacon, but I saw creativity at its best at this festival. I love coming to food festivals because I enjoy trying out the crazy creations you typically can’t find in restaurants. This festival is the best thing besides the fair if you want to experience pork coma without the long lines and long walks.

Bacon Bloody Marys Photo: Peter Hsieh

Bacon Bloody Marys

First up, a Bakon Vodka with Clamato.  Smokey taste out of this potato vodka that was crisp, clean, and tasted super savory! So refreshing, so different!

Fry Fry Truck with Chef Isaiah Rosario, Photo: Peter Hsieh

Fry Fry Truck with Chef Isaiah Rosario

Up next I swung over to the Fry Fry Truck and chatted with Chef Isiah Rosario, the youngest Food Truck Chef at age 16.  When asked about when did you know you wanted to do this, he replied “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, I wanted to start when I was 15.” I admired his hard work ethic as his food truck is a family affair of fried goodness. He works hard after school hours and makes these yummy fried treats for us fried food fanatics!

Deep Fried Bacon Twinkies, Photo: Peter Hsieh

Deep Fried Bacon Twinkies

Chef Rosario’s food truck is known for their cronut burger but on the festival, they served up a mean bacon stuffed twinkie, topped with chocolate, powedered sugar, and more bacon! It was sinfully delightful and one of the best thing at the baconfest. It represented the best of savory and sweet in one bite.

Maple Bacon Donut from OCDonutBar, Photo: Peter Hsieh

Maple Bacon Donut from OCDonutBar

Up next was a must visit to OC Donut bar’s booth where they had their maple bacon donut. Their donuts are nationally acclaimed to be in the top 10 by USA Today & Thrillist so I had to try it. So airy, so decadent, and so really good! Again, not a regular item on their menu so I got my fill of these sugary goodness.

Craft Beer offerings, Photo: Peter Hsieh

Craft Beer offerings

We got to wash down all that bacon goodness with some Craft Beers located all over. It was nice that they staggered beer vendors next to food vendors so you can drink some and then wait in line to get the food or vice versa.

Beer label tiles from Stella Divina, Photo: Peter Hsieh

Beer label tiles from Stella Divina

One of the really unique items I saw at the festival were these tiles that had beer labels on them. They are made by Stella Divina and they are only found at the food and beer festivals.  They are really pretty and the labels are flushed into the tiles, makes a really nice beer coaster for your beer loving dads out there.

Chocolate pairings from Truffle Gateau, Photo: Peter Hsieh

Chocolate pairings from Truffle Gateau

I also got to meet the faces behind Truffle Gateau. They are a team of mom and daughter making wine /beer/cheese paring chocolates. Though there’s really no bacon in here, I have to say I can taste the carefully crafted creations to be quite unique.

Kids games and Big Bite Baconfest, all next to Queen Mary, Photo: Peter Hsieh

Kids games and Big Bite Baconfest, all next to Queen Mary

All of this fun in the sun with the coastal breezes from Long Beach and a view of her majesty Queen Mary was the perfect day to spend the day for being able to try something unique, hear great business stories, and admire people’s creativity at this festival. Can’t wait until next year with more crazy bacon creations!


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