Gran Centenario’s Angels In Training Program at Blue Plate Taco

i-7cBzx3q-MGran Centenario, a tequila rich in history and Mexican heritage launched their Angels In Training program at Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica this past Monday night and our team had the chance to check it out.

The announcement of their search to honor selfless Latinos within the Los Angeles area attracted passersby’s and select invitees.

At 5:30 pm, a golden angel came to life and blew her horn to summon an array of beautiful white angels who handed out replicas of Mexico’s 1921 Centenario Gold Bullion Coin and shared details of the search of these Angels In Training with attendants and passersby’s.

Each of us in attendance enjoyed the signature Golden Angel cocktail along with Blue Plate Taco signature dishes including the Ceviche Mixto, Flautas, Quesadillas and Veggie tacos to name a few.

Beginning on Cinco De Mayo, these angels will disperse into neighborhoods throughout “the City of Angels” in search of these AITs who will all be invited and honored at a private celeb hosted event at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday May 19th.

Over the next few weeks our mixologists will be showcasing select cocktails made with Gran Centenario. Stay tuned for the perfect summer-cocktails!

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