Reed’s Ginger Brew

Reed's Ginger Brew

Reed’s Ginger Brew

Good ol’ March means St. Patty’s day is around the corner. It also usually mean libations galore for some. This year, if you want to try something on the natural side, try out Reed’s.  They have a twist on the Moscow Mule reipe (seen below).  Reed’s Ginger Brew and other products can be seen in your local store shelves such as Trader Joe’s.

Their flagship, Reed’s Ginger Brew, was created from it’s founder, Chris Reed. He knew he wanted to create a true craft soda during the pre-internet days, so Chris turned to the library for inspiration. He found a soda recipe which calls for all natural ingredients. Today, Reed’s brews contains natural ingredients such as burdock roots, ginger, lemon, and cane sugar.

I was lucky enough to speak with Mr. Reed over the phone for an interview. Reed’s brewing process for success is much like that of a brewing a beer. Using only quality ingredients, Reed’s uses the brew kettle mash tun method to make their microbrews. Their production currently “brews on an annual basis, 200,000 barrels” according to Chris Reed. Reed’s has a West coast bottling line in Los Angeles as well as an East coast location in Scranton, PA.

I was also fortunate enough to try the ginger brew and it was absolutely delicious. It doesn’t have the sugary taste like your regular sodas and has a strong ginger back end taste. If you like the ginger taste, Reed’s is coming out with New Ginger Brew that has 50% more ginger taste! Coming to your local stores in March!

Reed’s is also known for their line of kombocha, currently with eight flavors. In a month or so, they will get a new addition with their Coffee Flavor Kombocha. Same active ingredients as the regular kombocha, but instead with kombocha culture, it will have coffee yeast culture. For all you coffee lovers, look for it as it should be at your neighborhood health food stores this April.

The Blarney Stone (Served in a Copper Cup)

1/2 ounce lime juice

4 ounces Reed’s Ginger Brew

2 ounces of Irish whiskey



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