We took a ride on the Blue C Sushi Line


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With excellent seafood available, sushi in Los Angeles is not hard to come by and there are plenty of places to choose from. With fresh fish being caught daily and dedicated chefs who’ve trained in Japan, it’s not a surprise that sushi is so popular in this city. Throughout Los Angeles, there are omakase experiences, experimental takes on sushi, beautiful kaiseki menus and what Blue C Sushi offers, a revolving belt of phenomenal items to choose from at any given time with very reasonable prices otherwise known as kaiten-style sushi, essentially an English translation for Japanese fast-food sushi. What separates Blue C from similar restaurants is their tracking technology – with an RFID chip embedded in each plate – which lets the staff monitor every item on the delivery belt, tracking how long it’s been on display and alerting the chefs when it’s time to refresh. Don’t be fooled though, Blue C Sushi offers much more than what meets the eye.

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For those new to conveyor belt sushi, the process is simple: Small color-coded plates travel along a mini conveyor belt, you grab what you want as it passes by, and when you’ve had your enough, your server adds up the plates for the bill. For sushi purists, the chef offers sashimi at market price along with an incredible raw bar that can be customized and is made to order. We were presented with a sashimi platter filled with fresh tuna, salmon, mackerel, uni, live scallop, yellowtail and delicious roe. We even had the opportunity to try incredible oysters from the coast of Washington which were full-bodied and full of flavor. Washington oysters tend to be my favorite because of their sweet characteristic as opposed to New England oysters which are, for the most part, briny in texture.

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Blue C Sushi also offers signature dishes such as: Smoked Yellowtail Tacos, Hama Chili, Tuna Tostada, Loaded Baked Potato and Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice. These items aren’t found on the belt either so be sure to look over the menu and order accordingly. Our personal favorite from this list was the Tuna Tostada which comes with an array of flavors piled high and your own plastic pipette filled with spicy sauce. All dessert options are the exact same price so when given the option of a regular ol’ brownie or a tempura chocolate brownie dipped in tempura batter, deep-fried, served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, the choice is fairly easy.

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The location of Blue C Sushi is very convenient if you are catching a movie at ArcLight or shopping for music at Amoeba Records across the street.  The restaurant is extremely welcoming with a friendly staff and a beautifully lit interior equipped with an enormous television which resembling a blue bus. It’s a great addition to the are and is sure to be a mainstay for years to come. You can find more information on their website at www.bluecsushi.com.




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