‘Spotlight’ Three Weav3rs Brewing Company



Three Weavers

The South Bay is steadily becoming a mecca for breweries to come setup roots and flourish. Inglewood, a South Bay city has officially added their first brewery. Three Weavers Brewing Company is the newest addition to the list of badass breweries in the South Bay. Three Weavers is run by founder Lynne Weaver and brewmaster Alexandra Nowell. Together these two women are already making an impact being the first brewery run by women, as well as being a community-driven force and inspiration.


Three Weavers still have a bit of ways to go to be open to the public and 100% percent in production, but brewmaster Alexandra is already collaborating with many well-known breweries. Alexandra’s resumé is highly impressive, starting with Sierra Nevada, working with Drake’s Brewing Company as a lead brewer with her creation of the sensational New Zealand Hopped IPA the Aroma Prieta. She also worked at Ninkasi Brewing Company where she created the delicious Torque session IPA , which won a medal at the Great American Beer Festival.


In a few months from now, Three Weavers will have their production line ready to release what I believe will be some of the best brews to come out of the Westside. With a 5-tank system to start and plans to grow very rapidly to an 18-tank system, which their facility has plenty of room for, their goal to produce at least 15,000 barrels a year is looking well on its way.






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