Slater’s 50/50 and the Backyard Brew Fest

Slater's Backyard brewfest Burger Tent

Slater’s 50/50 Backyard Brew Fest burger tent


Each year Slater’s 50/50 puts on a Brew Fest that brings together craft breweries and hosts them along with some of their fantastic food. Burgers and beer can’t get much better than that; but Slater’s doesn’t just make burgers they design delicious delicacies, with their signature 50% beef & 50% bacon patties they have no end to their creativity. Slater’s not only makes food they also have a great beer selection that caters to craft brews and popular domestics as well. Their Brew Fest is in a sense an homage to the breweries and community that have kept this place lively.

a few breweries that participated.

A few breweries that participated.


This years brew fest hosted some of the heavyweights in craft beer that came with styles like double IPA’s, porters & stouts, red ales, and sours. Many local breweries participated like Bootleggers, Rough Draft, Ballast Point, The Dudes’ Brewing Co., Figueroa Mountain, etc. This years fest also brought a brewery from Mexico, “Ensenada Brewing Company.” They brought their delicious artisanal brew, The Horchata Obscura. With such a brewery line-up and sample burgers flowing around the site, this event leaves the impression that Slater’s 50/50 Backyard Brew Fest is an event you cannot pass up.


Bootlegger's Brewery

Bootlegger’s Brewery


Rough draft brewing company

Rough Draft Brewing Company


The food Slater’s 50/50 puts out is no joke. They pack so much flavor and creativity that its difficult to have just one favorite. Slater’s also has a killer appetizer menu with items like mac & cheese, greens and sides that will leave you wanting to pile on the goodies. Every now and then a place comes along and sets the bar. Slater’s 50/50 happens to be one place that has put so much craft in their food and  beer that the bar they set is one to be met with high standards.





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