‘Spotlight’ (3TEN) Liquor Store One Year Anniversary

22505 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505

22505 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505

As a kid in the south bay I used to frequent my neighborhood liquor store to pick up a pack of “now and later” and a can of soda, wandering through the aisle and looking in the fridge I would always see cans and bottles of Budweiser, Coors and Miller. This was the norm for me no matter what liquor store I came across. Growing up and developing a taste for the creatively crafted microbrews this was still the case, having to travel outside my neighborhood just to find craft beer. With giant stores like Bev-mo and Total Wine dominating the liquor and beer market the local shops needed to step up their game. (3TEN) Liquor store liquor is one such shop that for a year now they have begun to make their mark in this craft beer market.

left to right: Bret Naylor Beer Buyer and Mark Zaky Owner

left to right: Brett Naylor Beer Buyer and Mark Zaky Owner

Owner Mark Zaky bought the store and under went a major restructuring of this hometown market. For a long time this location was known as the Town Pump and featured select wines with domestic beer readily available. As the years went by the Town Pump developed a bad reputation and the store eventually started to lose its loyalty. So when new owner Mark purchased the store he knew he had to gain the respect from long standing customers. The first obstacle was to change the name and give the liquor store a new identity; this was met with a lot of conflict from the locals who knew the town pump and its owner. His second battle was with the big beer distributors who don’t make it easy for unknown stores to get the best selection, but through all this resistance and with the help of long time friend and beer buyer Brett Naylor they have succeeded and are now one of the best liquor/craft beer stores around town.

(3TEN)'s cellarable beer aisle

(3TEN)’s cellarable beer aisle

(3TEN)'s Cold Stored Beer

(3TEN)’s Cold Stored Beer

(3TEN) Carries a great selection of craft beer. Just to name a few of whom they carry: Modern Times, Drakes Brewing, Strand Brewing, Monkish, Dudes’ Brewing co., Bootleggers brewing, The Bruery, Lagunitas and Stone Brewing. Their knowledge and love for beer has taken them to a heavy weight contender class in this craft market. With hard to find beers, competitive prices, a newfound respect in the community, increasing social media support and celebrating its 1 year anniversary (3TEN) Liquor Store is a neighborhood force to be reckoned with.


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