South Bay’s “Select Beer Store” celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Featured Beers On Select's New 18 tap System

Featured Beers On Select’s New 18 tap System

March 8th, 2014 marked Select Beer Store’s 2nd Anniversary, located in Redondo Beach, California. Upon walking in you are greeted by the walls of beer, local craft and imported. It also happens to be Select’s L.A. Tap Takeover and there is no shortage of variety on this special occasion. Select Beer store is a place you come to not only get the newest brew release from local breweries, but get the chance to meet some of the brewers themselves. Sharing a drink with old friends and new, it is like the neighborhood party you’ve always wanted to attend.

Tom Dunbabin from King Harbor brewery, newest brewery to open in the south bay

Matt Mclvor LocaliteL.A. and Tom Dunbabin from King Harbor Brewery, new brewery to open soon in the South Bay


For two years the South Bay has had an expansive growth in craft beer breweries like “The Dudes Brewing Company”, “Smog City Brewing Company”, “Monkish Brewing Company” and recently opened “Absolution Brewing Company”. Each one of these breweries were also part of Select’s L.A. Tap takeover. They happen to be neighbors in the city of Torrance. For the tap takeover The Dudes Brewing company featured its popular Grandma’s Pecan , Smog City’s tap was the Grape Ape IPA, Monkish Featured it’s Brown Habit farmhouse ale and Absolution’s Tap was their possessed porter. With great beers just being made around the corner from Select, you can expect fresh beer right off their taps.

Marc is ready to help you find what you looking for. and pour you a glass.

Marc is ready to help you find what you looking for and pour you a glass.

When you go to Select Beer feel free to ask one the very helpful employees for any recommendations, they are always willing to point you in the right direction. Whatever your taste may be, these craft beer aficionados themselves have the experience to further your exploration in craft beer. Select’s Anniversary tap list was specifically catered to local brews in the Southern California region. They expanded their twelve tap system to an eighteen tap for just this occasion.  You’ll now be able to have a well-rounded assortment for your thirst-quenching visit.

A Few of Select's Cold Stored Beer.

A Few of Select’s Cold Stored Beer.




A party in front of the cellar ready beer selection.

A party in front of the cellar ready beer selection.

Whether you are new to the craft beer scene or a connoisseur of beer styles, Select Beer Store is a destination worth making. You can grab a table, sit at the bar or even just pick up your favorite beer, you’re bound to make new friends and new experiences.


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