Farmer’s Market Wednesdays at Phorage

Phorage Owners

Chef and Owner Perry Cheung and Owners Jesse Duron and Eric Cho

Beginning this Wednesday, Palms newcomer Phorage will be rolling out a weekly farmer’s market four-course tasting menu.  Priced at an extremely reasonable $25, Chef Perry Cheung of Sawtelle’s famous Roc Kitchen, will craft a seasonal menu inspired by the locally sourced ingredients selected each Wednesday at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.

Phorage, located in the former site of Roy Choi’s Chego, is a unique restaurant, committed to serving fresh, locally sourced modern Vietnamese food.  This means their dishes are prepared MSG and hormone free, with all ingredients purchased from local purveyors.  If you’re expecting a traditional MSG ridden $5 pho (and there’s nothing wrong with that if you are!) you’re out of luck.  But if you’re interested in enjoying  Vietnamese favorites given an innovative twist, Phorage is your spot.   Off the regular menu some favorites include the dungeness crab banh mi and the bone in oxtail pho.

Something to note: Phorage is in the process of acquiring a beer/wine license.  Until that time, soft drinks are served and alcohol is BYOB with free corkage.  Should you forget your bottle at home fear not!  A liquor store is a convenient few steps away.

This week, LA Wonders had the privilege of getting an early preview of some of the dishes that are being considered for the farmer’s market menu, here’s the scoop!

Xmas Party

The meal started off with an extremely aromatic hot and sour shrimp soup, containing stewed tomatoes, pineapples and crispy garlic, a perfect start to the chilled evening.  Oven roasted manila clams followed next, served with crispy pork belly, shallots and Thai basil.  The pork belly complimented the clams beautifully and freshly toasted bread was provided to sop up the flavorful broth.


Course1                 Course2


Next up was a single pan seared day boat scallop served alongside sauteed persimmons and baby bok choy topped with a tangy kaffir lime sauce.  Extremely well prepared, the scallop absorbs all of the wonderful flavors offered by the broth.  The persimmons added a nice sweetness to balance the slightly bitter bok choy.  A melt in your mouth dish and one of my favorites of the night.  Our main course for the evening was a wok seared filet served with crispy sun-chokes and a side of field greens.  Cooked to a perfect medium rare, the filet was complimented by a savory soy based sauce.


Course3               Course4


A sweet treat to end the evening and a must order for dessert: Thai Iced Tea Float!


Thai Iced Tea Slushie


For $25, this dinner is a steal.  Not only are the ingredients extremely fresh, the dishes are thoughtful and flavorful.  Check them out this Wednesday for the debut! Reservations are encouraged but not necessary.  A private party room is also available for Holiday parties and catering services are available as well.

3300 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Neighborhood: Palms

(310) 876-0910




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