5 California Beers You Need To Drink On Thanksgiving



The holiday season is tricky in California especially for a transient. You want to throw on layers and cozy up next to the fireplace but it never feels quite right. That is when beer comes into the picture. What is it about alcohol than can transport you to a new place or time? Ah yes, the alcohol, that’s what. We have found 5 perfect California craft beers that you need to be drinking tomorrow while you are basting the turkey, watching football and wearing shorts.


Hangar 24 – Gourdgeous: (Redlands, CA)  This delicious beer is the perfect pairing for a late night dessert after all the turkey has worn off. Lots of spice, a bit of molasses, some chocolate, and a bit of pumpkin will easily do the trick.




The Bruery – Autumn Maple: (Placentia, CA) Need something to pair with your brined turkey? This is brewed with 17 lbs. of yams per barrel.  This beer is brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, molasses, and maple syrup. Doesn’t that sound just heavenly? The Bruery claims “This bold and spicy beer is perfect on a cold autumn evening.” That might be true but not here in Southern California.  


The Dudes Brewing – Grandma’s Pecan: (Torrance, CA) This brings a whole new meaning to Grandma’s Pecan Pie. I don’t remember my Grandmother’s pies ever being this high in alcohol either.  The taste has lots of flavors of pecans and nutty malts. This is a rich beer with good character which is another great beer to pair with a homemade dessert.


grandmas pecan

Ballast Point Brewery – Homework Series Batch #1: (San Diego, CA) Oktoberfest style beers are an optimal beer this time of year.  This is a Hybrid-Style Ale with a rich, Oktoberfest inspired malt base and a slamming hop profile. CTZ  hops are added to the boil for bitterness, and copious amounts of Centennial hops are added during the late kettle hop addition and dry hopping post fermentation. A beer with great malt character compliments rich food so take our advice and pop this open on Turkey Day.


ballast point homework


Telegraph Brewing – Winter Ale: (Santa Barbara, CA) Although we are living in sunny Los Angeles, it is still winter so grab a bottle and start to pretend. Since we are so close to Mexico, why not bring out a beer that replicates Mexican hot chocolate. This has hints of cinnamon, allspice, and sweet ancho chilies. Telegraph uses a generous amounts of chocolate and caramel malts to reach that hot chocolate aroma.



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