An Evening at Chez Soi

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It’s hard to walk more than 100ft in Manhattan Beach these days without bumping into a restaurant owned by the Simmzy or Zislis Family. Chez Soi  has broken that mold and is adding another exciting addition to the Manhattan Beach dining scene and it comes with some heavy hitters in the culinary world. Mark Gold from Eva has teamed up with Thierry Perez of the recent L’Epicerie and Ty Burrell of ABC’s Modern Family. Chez Soi means “at home” in French and is serving a mixture of American and French cuisine with SoCal-sourced ingredients. The old Sashi space has a fresh new look and hopes to be another premier culinary destination to the Beach Cities.

A handful of local writers were invited out for an evening of handcrafted cocktails and fine food, giving us all a chance to really get a grasp of what Chez Soi is all about. The first half of the evening consisted of the incredibly delicious Thyme for Peach and an Old Fashioned Mescal that was made to perfection.

mark gold

We sat down for a 4-course meal accompanied by 4 selected wines to complement each dish. Mark was eager to explain each dish and inform us of where each component of the plate were sourced from. Thierry, who is as passionate about wine as a dog is about their bone, carefully crafted each wine characteristic like a symphony at Lincoln Center. The menu was composed of a kampachi dish, an extremely tender lobster udon, a beautifully cooked piece of duck with eggplant and a mousse which melted in your mouth.

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