A Neverending Story

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Story Tavern is a Pre-prohibition Tavern serving the finest beers, wines & hard ciders alongside farm fresh fare in the heart of Burbank. Obviously, there are plenty of items to choose from but there are two things that are served very well: cocktails and history lessons. The restaurant doubles as a museum to Burbank History. Curated by the Burbank Historical Society in exchange for a percentage of restaurant proceeds donated regularly by the Slaught family.

On a quiet Burbank evening, owner Brian Slaught gave us a rich history lesson on craft cocktails, Story Tavern and the town of Burbank. Walking into Story Tavern is like diving head first into a Burbank history book that is lined with photos and handmade furniture that bring you back to a simpler time. Every cocktail relates back to the pre-prohibition era with original recipes and Hollywood relevance.

Growing up in the northeast, history is a very familiar subject. Cobblestone streets and Colonial homes were a common fixture in my hometown. School trips consisted of visiting The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and witnessing war re-enactments along the Delaware River in New Jersey. We even had the pleasure of trying Laird’s Apple Jack which is made right outside our hometown in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Spend only a few minutes with Brian and you will quickly notice he has a strong passion, not only for his tavern, but for history in general. Each cocktail served was not complete without a lesson on its importance and relevance.

Drinks are the true highlight at Story Tavern. Brian works extremely hard to curate an impressive list of craft beer and spirits. The team at Story Tavern is currently working on having plenty of drink related events

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Below is a peak at the new cocktail list that we were able to sample:

 The Derby

. Bourbon

. Sweet Vermouth

. Orange Curacao

. Lime Juice

*This recipe is from the 1947 Bartenders guide by Trader Vic, strongly associated with, you guessed it, racetracks and derbys

East India Cocktail

. Brandy

. Raspberry Syrup

. Angostura Bitters

. Orange Curacao

. Maraschino Liqueur

*This is a very old cocktail, first appearing in print form in the “New and improved bartenders manual” in 1882.  A favorite amongst the Raj, the rulers of British East India, a time when “the sun never set on the British Empire”

 Fairbank Cocktail

. Gin

. Dry Vermouth

. Regans Orange Bitters

. Crème De Noyaux

*This cocktail first appeared in print form in the 1922 book “ABC of Mixing Cocktails” when Douglas Fairbanks Sr. was the most famous actor in Hollywood.

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The team at Story Tavern is currently working on having plenty of drink related events. Check out their website to be updated on what’s next. http://www.storytavernburbank.com/


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