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Minimal signage, covered windows and a lonely valet guy stands in front of you and eating at Petty Cash Taqueria right now. We were lucky enough to score a coveted seat while they test out the kitchen and staff before they become fully operational in a few weeks .

Petty Cash is comprised of Chef’s Walter Manzke of Church and State and Guillermo Campos Moreno of famed Baja street cart, Kokopelli. Kokopelli recently opened a brick + mortar in Tijuana and brought many of their signature items and visual design to Los Angeles. The interior design is vibrant yet minimalistic and takes a cue from many of the modern gastropubs that have begun to dot the landscape. One wall is covered inch by inch with a mural of L.A. artist Retna‘s hieroglyphic alphabet.

The cocktail menu consists of four craft beers on draft and about a dozen by the bottle. It looks like they focused on lighter beer like, pilsners, lagers and wheat beer which highlights Mexican food much better than an overpowered IPA or darker beer. The cocktail menu is constructed by none other than Julian Cox with a handful of drinks appointed by clever names. The tequila and mescal was carefully curated by the ‘encyclopedia of Mexican cuisine” Bill Esparza which doesn’t hurt one bit.

The food menu is a true glimpse into fresh Baja cuisine but with a modern touch. Manzke’s pig ear nachos sits on top of the menu: crispy pig ears, a soft egg, and crema poblana. This was an absolutely incredible dish but Petty Cash could easily serve those pig ears like a bucket of fries because they are that ridiculously tasty. A real treat at Petty Cash is being able to try the signature items that made Kokopelli a fan favorite such as “The Kraken”  a taco with grilled octopus, charred chile de arbol and peanuts. My personal favorite was the Liberty Farms Duck Gizzard taco with jack cheese and avocado. The true umami experience of hearty liver is only complimented by the cheese and avocado, not overpowered by it. We were also able to try the deep fried quesadilla and the ceviche negro with sea bass, squid ink, mango and peanuts which were both outstanding and highly recommended. We will definitely revisit once they are open to try the various Molcajete’s that were recommended to us by our waitress.

We wish we could share some more eye catching food pics with you but cameras were highly discouraged during this test period. Below you can feast your eyes on the pig ear nachos!

pig ear nachos


Petty Cash Taqueria

7360 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-5300

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