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Have you heard of the town, Alosta, Ca? Me neither but that isn’t saying much since I am a transplant. Alosta was a town just south of Glendora that had a history of allowing alcohol when most towns frowned upon it. Eventually, Alosta disappeared and was taken over by Glendora.

The Alosta Brewing Company plans to pay tribute to the lost town by adding it their name and by brewing locally crafted beer in a region where alcohol was so prevalent years ago. Alosta is comprised of homebrewers who have been perfecting their trade, collectively, for over 30 years. Much like many new projects these days, Alosta has a kickstarter campaign to help the process move a little more smoother. Alosta joins the small but growing family of East Los Angeles breweries and we couldn’t be more excited.

I haven’t personally met the guys from Alosta but we did connect online and I had the opportunity to ask Byron Fisher, the President/CEO of Alosta, a few questions. Check it out below:

1. Matt: Who is involved in this project?

Byron: We are a mixed group of avid homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts that are anxious to share our  passion for beer with the local  communities.  Between the partners, we have extensive brewing, as well as business knowledge.  As far as who we are personally, I guess the only names that are really  important are Herb Adams, who will be the head brewer, and Brendan  Wehrly who will be brewing alongside of Herb.

2. Matt: When can we expect Alosta to be up and running?

Byron: Our goal is to be open by August of 2013, Licensing and permits are a common struggle for craft breweries at the local city, state, and  federal levels. We are currently working with all 3 of these entities to obtain the proper licensing. We encourage people to follow us on Facebook for updates and special announcements.

3. Matt: How did your love for craft beer come about?

Byron: For most of us, our love of Craft beer came about at a young age.  I can remember having my first Sierra Nevada when I was a junior in HS.  I just remember how much flavor it had, compared the rest of the crap that was out there.  At that time (1991) there wasn’t much of a choice in the way of craft  beers, so it became a challenge for me to find new and different beers.  Herbs love of craft beer started while working as a farmhand in Idaho at the age of 14.  The farmer was brewing beer in his basement and Herb decided to sneak a taste.  From that point on he had a craving for beers that were not your ordinary, mass-produced beers.  The other guys love for craft beer started with homebrewing, and their quest to become more involved in the community.

4. Matt: When did you start brewing your own beer?

Byron: Herb began brewing back in 1993 and has been active ever since.  Brendan has been brewing actively since 2007

5. Matt: When did the idea for your own brewery come about?

Byron: Back in the late 1990’s before youtube or any other type of internet video.  Herb had his own Homebrewing cable access program in over 15 cities  around the country.  He would show viewers how to brew in their garage, kitchen, backyard, etc.  It was around that time that we started discussing the idea of Alosta Brewing Co., but at that time it was more of a far off dream that any  sort of reality.  It wasn’t until late 2011 that we really started getting serious about the idea.  The idea to use the name Alosta came  from reading up on the history of an old town that was in the area.  Alosta was a town in the late 1800’s that was only around for a few years, but long enough to leave a legacy.  While all of the other surrounding towns had very strict laws regarding  alcohol (if they allowed it at all), Alosta was the town that had a Saloon, Dance hall, and even a Brothel.  You could say Alosta was the local “Sin City”.

6. Matt: Do you have a beer lined up for your first official brewery beer?
Byron: We plan on brewing a Pale Ale with an English malt character but with the bite and aromatics of American hops.

7. Matt: Where do you see Alosta 5 years from now?

Byron: I see us reaching into a larger market within Southern California. The  location we are in allows for plenty of room to expand.   5 years from  now we should be on a larger system, and along with the addition of a bottling or canning line will also have us in stores for off-premise  consumption, meaning anyone can pick up a 6 pack and enjoy in the  comfort of their own home.

8.  Matt: I see you have a Kickstarter campaign? Is there something in particular you are using the money for?

Byron: Between our partners we have a significant amount of personal money invested in Alosta already .  The additional funds from Kickstarter will help us from the time we  begin construction up to when we are able to serve our first pint.  There are a ton of little costs here and there that add up really quickly,  and we want to make sure we don’t find ourselves stuck in a position  that will delay our opening more than it already has.

9. Matt: The pledge of $2,500 includes your own beer, can the person create any style he/she prefers?

Byron: The reward calls for more of a collaboration between the donor and Alosta Brewing Co.  We will certainly work with them to develop almost any  idea, but we may have limitations to what we can brew early on.  Also  we do need a little control to make sure we are jointly putting out  something amazing, and to make sure that the name chosen is appropriate.  Most importantly, we want this to be a fun experience for everyone!

10. Matt: Lastly, if there is anything else you would like our readers to know, you have the floor…

Byron: We would just like to let everyone know how excited we are about joining the growing craft beer scene in the Los Angeles area.  With the bulk of new breweries opening up on the west side, we’re looking  forward to joining Claremont Craft Ales as another brewery to represent  the eastern side of Los Angeles.  We’d also like to thank Claremont Craft Ales for their support during our efforts to open our doors

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