Island Fever


Have you been into Islands lately? If you have then you might have noticed a few changes to the menu. Not only are they creating new menu items such as new burgers, that’s a given, but new plates such as poke really reflect the Islands environment. Food isn’t the only thing that is getting a facelift, their beer on tap is competing with local beer bars and their own draft beer is made by local breweries. I was able to try their IPA made by Firestone Brewery and their Golden Ale made by Karl Strauss Brewery.

We ordered the poke, a solid dish of huge tuna chunks marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil with scallions and sesame seeds. I could easily pay $10 for this dish at a popular restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles but why would I when I can head over to Islands and pay around $7. I would really love to see more inspired dishes similar to this on the Islands menu in the future.

The real reason we dined at Islands on this particular night was to try to new Nalu Nalu burger. Despite it’s name, it’s technically a philly cheesteak on a burger. Be prepared, this burger is a mess but an absolute great mess. I love garlic aioli and it was good on the Nalu Nalu but it gets a bit lost with all the ingredients on the burger. Onions, peppers, cheese and jalapenos create an ultimate flavor bomb. This is a great burger, my only suggestion is to ask for more napkins before you attempt to conquer this beast. I also suggest going after the endless fries that Islands offers because what is better than ‘all-you-can-eat’ fries?



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