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Brooklyn Brewery‘s Sorachi Ace is the very first beer I have tasted from Brooklyn since I had their lager while growing up back in the New Jersey. 10+ years ago there weren’t many options to choose from regarding beer. The only “craft beer” I tasted before moving out west was Magic Hat while on a ski trip to Vermont. The east coast was well behind the curve when it came to craft beer and that wasn’t realized until I was able to visit various cities out west. I was able to taste plenty of craft beer from Mom and Pop breweries – the name I awarded Nano breweries at the time – and I was immediately hooked.

Since moving out west about 8 years ago, I have had almost zero knowledge of the east coast craft beer scene so having the chance to taste Sorachi Ace was definitely a highlight for me. After my first sip, a true sense of guilt came over me for not trying their specialty beers sooner. What was I thinking? I guess it’s hard to be on top of new beers being released around the country, especially when there is zero distribution to California. Even after reading Garret Oliver’s “The Brewmaster’s Table” 5 years ago, still, nothing clicked. I am ashamed and I have no excuse for my behavior.

Sorachi Ace is a true gem of a beer. I truly love saison’s and I was excited to try the Japanese hop. My first reaction was that of a dry, crisp champagne with a hint of lemon, not too much different from a mimosa. This would definitely be my next brunch cocktail if it were readily available to me. As far as saison’s go, this ranks very high up there in my book. The light, lemon zest tartness of this beer is beyond refreshing and the hops are truly accentuated in this beer. After a few sips, I started to get a white grape taste with a hint of clove but the citrus still outweighs which makes for a great spring/summer beer.

The only mistake I made with Brooklyn’s Sorachi Ace was sharing it with too many people. I definitely should have devoured this jewel all by myself.

My final word: go, go out and find this beer now! If you are a fan of saison’s, then you will love this. If you have an affinity for champagne, then this is right up your alley. What are you waiting for? Hurry!!

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