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With craft beer acting as the beating heart in the body of the adult beverage industry, small businesses such as tap rooms, beer blogs, and mobile apps are being pumped out on a daily basis. As of right now, it seems almost nothing can stop this driving force and with new beer drinkers turning 21 every day, there will always be new consumers to test the waters and submerge themselves in the craft beer movement. Craft beer isn’t a new concept in the United States but within the last few years this sleeping giant has emerged and is taking the world by storm.

Two similar subcultural explosions come to mind when I think of this recent phenomenon that is craft beer and one is the poker boom that ESPN helped create and also the rise of MMA which is surviving longer than I anticipated because of the brilliance of Dana White, the current President. Each of these helped create substantial careers for many people in each of their respective industries but is there enough staying power. Poker has taken a hit because of online poker legality issues and the niche sport of MMA signed a contract with FOX a year ago but has seen ratings dip with each major fight.

So what’s next for craft beer, who knows? The one major difference between all 3 movements is rather than competing against each other, brewers and breweries are working together to create something bigger than themselves. Many craft beer related products and companies are being created not because of the quick buck but because of the love of the product and that is where Brewheads steps in.

Brewheads is a small company based out of Arizona that creates clothing and other craft beer related products specifically for craft beer lovers. Based on the concept of quality over quantity, Brewheads create quality products that reflect the same passion that goes into brewing craft beer. Brewheads was also created to take away the negative connotations associated with craft beer drinkers such as “Beer Snobs” or “Beer Geeks”. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Phil, the owner of Brewheads, and ask a few questions about him and his company.

Matt of LAwonders: What is Brewheads?

Phil of Brewheads: BrewHeads is a brand for those who take pride in what they drink and/or brew. It’s mainly a clothing line for those who are passionate (or maybe obsessed) about craft beer. It’s brand to offer something to the craft beer community.

Matt: How did Brewheads get started?

Phil: The logo started as just a homebrew logo that I wanted to put on my bottles. Then I started thinking about starting a beer blog or something… But it didn’t seem like enough for me. I really wanted a way to share my passion for craft beer and brewing. I really wanted to offer something to craft beer and the community/culture that follows it. I didn’t have the experience, skills or money to start a brewery or beer bar. I decided to go with something I already knew, design and apparel. I decided I wanted to start a brand. A brand that would represent those who were passionate about what they drank or brewed. Started with just an idea really along with some stickers. Just recently started and I’m excited to see where it goes, who I get to meet, and all the craft beer I get to drink haha.

Matt: How many members are involved?

Phil: One as of right now. Although I need to give my fiancé a shout out for having my back and helping me out at events etc. She’s helped me a lot and has been supportive the whole way.

Matt: How did you get involved with the craft beer scene?

Phil: Beer. Simple as that. Craft beer drove me to start Brewheads. It’s allowed me to meet so many awesome people in different states and see lots of different breweries etc. I was finally able offer fellow brewheads something cool. I’m slowly getting physically involved in the scene by promoting breweries and others involved in the scene. Every BewHeads order that goes out includes goodies from fellow brewheads and breweries. I plan to get more involved with the local scene but it’s tough with a full time job on top of this.

Matt: How do you feel the Arizona scene is compared to others(better/worse)?

Phil: I really like the Arizona scene. It’s growing and has been growing for some time. We are lucky to have amazing people, breweries, clubs, and organization that make it an awesome scene. It may not be like California or Colorado but it’s getting there. Shout out to Beer Kristine who’s always throwing events together (tap takeovers, beer dinners, bar crawls, etc). We have lots of great breweries throughout the state and they all make really good beer. We have a younger scene that’s growing. I can’t wait to see where it goes and I can’t wait to be involved!

Matt: What would you like to see in Craft Beer/Brewheads in the future?

Phil: I would love to see craft beer continue to grow. It’s grown a lot and I love the journey it’s on. It’s grown with pure fans and good product. No mass marketed crap or celebrity plugs. Good people drink good beer. It’s as simple as that. I feel like craft beer has earned and continues to earn it’s boom. I just want to see craft beer to continue to grow. I want to see more breweries producing quality products and pushing the limits. As much as I want it to grow, I really want to keep that “local” factor. Each state has breweries I’ve never scene or beer I can’t get. I like that. I’d like to see it that way. It makes for great travel. I don’t want to live in a world of McDonalds, Wal-Mart and the same beer in every state. I like to try new beer, new restaurants and new shops..local local local. I’d also really like to see more craft beer on airlines. I’d like to see craft beer earn the same respect that wine has.

As far as BrewHeads goes… I’d like to see it succeed. And I don’t mean by making a ton of money. I really just want to spread the passion and knowledge about craft beer. I’d love see brewheads in every state representing. I really want to see Brewheads really involved in the craft beer scene/community and making an impact. I’d love for it to become a full time job some day so I can fully devote to it 100%. It’s been an awesome journey so far, I’m excited for the future.

Matt: Do you homebrew?

Phil: I sure do! I’ve been brewing since I was 19 (I’m 26 now). Although it’s been off and on so I’m no where near an expert. I mainly do extract brewing and usually follow a recipe. Now that I have my own equipment that’s good I hope to finally start making my own recipes. I hope to get into all grain soon too. I really loving brewing, there’s just something about it. I can’t really explain it but there’s nothing like a brew day. It’s a never ending learning process and I love it. So much to learn, so much to brew!

Matt: Favorite beer/brewery, why?

Phil: Oh man… This is such a tough question. I’m always trying new beers, new breweries, different styles, etc. I really can’t pick just one beer or one brewery. I’d have to say Stone Brewing is one of my favorites because they were the first brewery I toured and that’s where the insane obsession started. I’m a big fan of Heavy Seas in Maryland. I love SanTan Brewing Co’s Hopshock. It’s my favorite local session IPA. Oh man, I really don’t know how to answer this question. Favorite beer: Craft beer lol. Favorite Beer: All American Craft Breweries. I want them all.

Be sure to check out the Brewheads website, purchase some quality products and show your support to the great people that are doing something they love and keeping your glasses full!

brew·head /ˈbrooˌhed/

One who truly enjoys, supports, and loves BEER (craft beer, and homebrew). This may include (but not limited to) hopheads, beer geeks, beer connoisseurs, beer snobs, brewers, homebrewers, etc..

A brewhead takes pride in what they drink and/or brew. Quality plays a large part in the beers they purchase or brew.

They have appreciation for the work that goes into the beer they are drinking. They know there is more to beer than just alcohol. There’s a story, a person (or team), a craft…an experience under every bottle cap.

One who is involved in the craft beer industry and/or community.

Collecting coasters, caps, bottles, and beers is a common hobby. Trying new beers, touring breweries, attending beer events, etc are also common.

See urban dictionary definition.

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