Sweet 16


Holidays have always been chock full of fun-loving family celebrations, sweet libations, crowded transportation and since 2004, Shmaltz Brewing Company’s Jewbelation. The Jewbelation series started with the Inaugural Jewbelation 8 using the same the number of malts, hops and ABV and returns again this year with the much anticipated Jewbelation 16. Shmaltz has always brought out the fun side of brewing beer and this release is no different. The label itself is filled with cupcakes, unicorns and a highly entertaining statement of why the number 16 is so relevant.

The beer itself comes in at a blistering 16% and pours an opaque, dense color with a sharp hint of alcohol. A thick tan head retains throughout but gently dissipates towards the end. The thickness in the mouthfeel is great for a cold winter night as it coats your mouth and leaves a lingering alcohol taste. The malty-ness is present but with such a strong alcohol flavor it cuts away into a sweet and bitter aftertaste. The alcohol isn’t overwhelming and it certainly doesn’t come across like a 16% beer but it’s enough where it ultimately becomes a sipping beer for my taste. Subtle flavors of cocoa with spikes of dark fruit make this a great winter beer.


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