Panto brings charm to Pasadena

snow white

Pantomime, otherwise known as Panto, is a musical-comedy theatre show that derived from similar forms of entertainment and became popular in England around the 17-1800’s. For many years, it was looked down upon by more polished theatre-goers as a lesser form of entertainment because of the adult language, themes and outfits. British style Panto has not supplanted itself as a popular performance throughout the United States with few playhouses offering it to their audience. A common theme within Panto is inviting celebrity guests to participate and focusing on current topics which keep each performance fresh and well-balanced. This particular approach is exactly the type of marketing that could attract Los Angeles crowds out for a night of wholesome entertainment.

After a few years of working out details, the Pasadena Playhouse has finally brought the fun loving style of Theatre to Los Angeles with “A Snow White Christmas”. On 12/12/12 the playhouse invited friends, family and media to preview the play and take part in the entertainment. True to it’s form, a star-studded cast took the stage with Ariana Grande from Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”, Charlene Tilton from “Dallas” and a charming, interactive performance played by Neil Patrick Harris as the ‘Magic Mirror’. From the opening monologue to the ending dance routine, each character had the audience’s complete attention.

If you are an avid theatre lover and you have a family member or friend who is not, this is the perfect opportunity to have them discover something fun-loving and entertaining. “A Snow White Christmas” is perfect for children, in fact it invites them to participate on multiple levels. The Holiday Spirit is alive with this show which makes it a perfect family outing.

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