Beer floats are not a particularly new concept by any means, but thinking a bit outside of the box from the typical stout and vanilla combination is a fairly new approach. In Los Angeles, the Beer Float Showdown just surpassed it’s fourth year with an impressive lineup of chefs and breweries. Beer, wine, spirits and food are all beginning to blend together to create imaginative dishes and hybrid drinks. Few establishments throughout Los Angeles have beer floats on their regular menu but with more events and experimentation I believe it will be a common theme in many restaurants and bars.

We are attempting to bring the same concept to the South Bay for one day. Gourmet ice cream sandwich truck, Chunk n’ Chip have signed on to create unique beer float creations with four different styles of beer that will be available at Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach. Four different beer styles will be available to showcase the many different varietals of Craft Beer Floats. Along with the beer floats, Chunk n’ Chip is making a special ice cream sandwich with their s’mores ice cream by infusing a surprise craft beer.

On Sunday, Dec. 9th, join us for a full day of great beer and ice cream. With this event, we are hoping to introduce craft beer fans to a whole new experience.

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