Good Food Fest

The Good Food Fest landed in Los Angeles two days prior to finding out who our new president was going to be. Many members of the culinary world would also find out if Prop 37 would pass on that very same day. Unfortunately, it was not passed with much shock and disappointment to the many people who take that extra step into creating and serving the highest quality of foods we are all enjoying today. We are living a food-centric society which continues to grow faster with each passing day and farm fresh ingredients are the top priority for even the average of restaurant-goers. Farm to table has a whole new meaning and is thriving within the culinary world of California. The Good Food Fest not only follows the same ideals but unabashingly celebrates it.

The Annenberg Community Beach House was home to this year’s Good Food Fest and it could not have been a more perfect setting. The sun was already set when we handed over our keys to the valet and stepped inside. The setting resembled a chic private affair being held at a Victorian Manner. Some of the finest restaurants throughout Los Angeles made their presence including: Milo and Olive, Border Grill, Fig plus much more. Every dish being served displayed which farm the ingredients hailed from. Freshness, a very underrated concept within the dining scene was showcased throughout the night with much praise from all the attendees. Each chef was eager to let everyone know what each dish was made with and what farm they sourced the products from. This exact event is the future of what most food events will eventuallly become. We as a consumer have the right to know where our food is coming from and we need a multitude of options to choose from.

With every food event these days, you must have some craft beer to pair alongside your delicious food. The South Bay seemed to be the representation by having all four of the breweries at the festival being from that area. Monkish Brewing Co. brought their popular Belgian beers along with El Segundo Brewing, Smog City and Abigaile all pouring as well. Not only was beer available but local wineries helped bring out the flavors of Good Food Fest.

This trend in food seems to be a growing force and with new eateries opening everyday it seems to enter into new light by restaurants who either want to change the way we eat or chefs who just want to stay relevant. Whatever the case my be, this is a great time to dine and the Good Food Fest is leading the pack.


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