The Prominence Promise

Hotels mean many things to many people, whether it’s to get away from reality and fall into the lap of luxury at a five diamond resort with a 4-star restaurant or somewhere to just rest your head during a long road trip. The Prominence Hotel falls somewhere in between the two by offering unique amenities and a comforting environment.

Lake Forest, Ca isn’t a destination town, per say, more like a working man’s town with palm trees. It’s easy to lose that notion because The Prominence makes you feel miles away from home with large suites available that have a living room, full size kitchen and a touchscreen computer. It’s easy to escape the small problems in life while staying here and taking full advantage of all the amenities that are offered. The small pool they have is perfect to escape the Southern California sun and cool down for a bit. Your body aches? Try the adjacent jacuzzi to relax your sore muscles. Maybe now is the time you are wondering what kind of food is nearby. The Prominence Hotel is located next to several places to grab a quick bite or to sit down and enjoy a great meal. If you are looking for a great place to have breakfast the next morning, I would look no further than downstairs in their own lobby. A complimentary breakfast buffet is a treat you will not find at many high-end or mid size hotels throughout the country. Not only can you indulge in waffles, biscuits, cereal, croissants and fruit, you can choose a made to order omelet from their on site chef. Omelet’s are a particular favorite of mine and there is a plethora of items to choose from to create your perfect dish.

Chef Justyn making my perfect omelet…

Lake Forest may not be in your itinerary anytime soon, but if you are considering a hotel just a few miles away from the ocean with a great vibe instead of paying for an overpriced tourist trap, than you have just found your place. So many people these days make the horrid mistake of waiting too long to book a hotel without really doing much homework. Don’t be the one to make that mistake!

The Prominence may not be everything you are looking for but it promises to deliver everything you need.

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