A glass full of Autumn

With summer ending and autumn slowly approaching, it’s almost time to put down the wheat beers, step away from the crisp lagers and slip into something a bit more spicy. Harvest and Pumpkin ales are some of my favorite types of beer because they pair so well with most of the food that I enjoy. As the weather begins to cool down, you need to feel that sense of comfort. Nothing is more comforting during these months than a spicy pumpkin pie or a full-bodied bowl of chowder. Unfortunately in Southern California, Autumn simply means that the weather just cools down a bit. We still feel the warm sensation of Summer long into October while people in most parts of the country are beginning to shop for sweaters and scarves. That being said, a toasty, malty beer is perfect for those chilly nights.

Abita Brewing Company was kind enough to send us some of the beer that they offer during this time. An Oktoberfest-style lager called Fall Fest was first on the list. Even though it is very warm here in California this beer paired well with the cool breeze coming off the ocean.  We threw corn on the grill and it was the perfect complement to this malty beer. Munich and caramel malts really give this a great backbone. A nice toasty finish to this beer lends itself to be a nice pairing with many foods during this time of year. I believe something along the lines of a butternut squash soup would blend very nice with this lager.

The second beer we consumed was Abita’s Pecan Harvest Ale with Munich, biscuit and caramel malts. The back-end of this beer is overwhelmingly nutty from the Real Louisiana roasted pecans that are added. This is a perfect choice to pair with basically any kind of chocolate. If I ever decide to actually go camping, Pecan Harvest would be the perfect beer to enjoy around the fire but it might be awhile before I can let go of my big city roots.It’s true that a Southern California resident will most likely never experience the true Autumn sensation but since Pecan Harvest is made with California ale yeast, A tiny piece of Autumn will forever be in our glass.

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