Old Dominion ‘Double D’

For our first Beer review, Old Dominion Brewing Company was kind enough to send us their ‘Double D’ double ipa. Old Dominion is based in Dover, Delaware and continues to thrive with a strong local presence and a rich history.
Big beers usually put a hurting on me. There is a reason I stopped drinking hard alcohol and probably why I try to avoid Imperial’s and Barrel Aged beers but sometimes they are just so damn tasty!
That being said, this DIPA bomber comes in at 10% so I recruited some friends to help me with this beer so I could keep a clear head. At first pour, I noticed that there wasn’t much carbonation but that could be attributed to the travel process. That being said, the head and lacing were obselete.  This beer has 95 IBU’s but it doesn’t taste like it at all. I tasted hints of honey and grapefruit but very sour citrus on the back-end. This has a super malty backbone which is something that I love about this beer. I usually prefer hoppy red ales so this played into my wheelhouse without a doubt. I would definitely recommend this beer to Dipa fans and would love to see what else is in their artillery.
Despite being surrounded by some heavy-hitters in the Craft Beer World, Old Dominion continutes to carve out their own brand and hopefully they can achieve a stronger presence out West.

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