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LAwonders is composed of Jennalee Infanto and Matthew McIvor. Two transplants from the East Coast who decided on a whim to travel West. After leaving our hometown, the first place we landed was Salt Lake City. Being so used to a huge metropolis like New York City, we couldn’t handle the complete culture shock. After two years spent in the “bible belt”, we had the opportunity to move to Los Angeles and we haven’t looked back since. We came to L.A. both working blue-collar jobs without the slightest intention of entering the Social Media world. Three years later, here we are and we wouldn’t change it for the world. We love to travel, eat, drink and share our experiences with our followers.

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  • Reply August 30, 2012

    Gas Station Gastronomy

    Thanks for checking out my blog and the Tic Tac art! There’s a lot of good stuff on this blog, I will be referring to it!

    • Reply August 30, 2012

      Matthew McIvor

      no problem! We like your blog a lot. Thank you for the feedback and we appreciate the referrals.

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