Brotherly Love

Pop-up dinners have grown increasingly more popular these days especially throughout Los Angeles. French chef, Ludo Lefebvre -of the Ludo Truck fame- really propelled the Pop-up movement in Los Angeles and even brought the Sundance Channel along for the ride to document his love for food and to show the world all about the Pop-up movement.
We are living in a time – especially in Los Angeles – where we need everything immediately. Fine-dining restaurants are taking a backseat to gastropubs, foodtrucks and restaurants with a less formal atmosphere.

Adam Gertler –Food Network personality- and his brother Keith are bringing their form of Pop-up dining in the name of Gertler’s Kitchen. They have already had several Pop-up’s throughout Los Angeles with one very notable one at The Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach which was partnered with some great local beer from Strand Brewing Company and El Segundo Brewing Company. They are continuing to hold pop-up’s until they find a stable home. As of now the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica plays host to Gertler’s Kitchen on Friday and Saturday nights serving great dishes such as their Pastrami Dog, Pulled Pork Schnitzel Sandwich, K-town Veggie burger plus much more.

This past Thursday, we were lucky enough to experience some of these dishes at The Point Cafe in Culver City. We have never heard of The Point or have even been to that area of Culver City before but it was a perfect spot and it brought in a ton of customers. The Point is located within a warehouse district that houses some very serious Architecture. It was the perfect backdrop for a creative menu and we were pleased with everything we ate. We definitely will be excited if they do decide to find a home in the South Bay area but we will visit them at any location that they do decide to call a home. If you want to experience one of their pop-up’s, you can follow them on Facebook at or Twitter @AdamGertler and @GertlersKitchen.

-Matthew McIvor

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